Saturday, November 8, 2008

Feeding the squirrel

There are these squirrels (or is it one squirrel) that come to our balcony .... we have a proper balcony you know, unlike bombay.. anyway, today i thought we could feed the squirrels.. once you feed them from a distance and they get used to you.. they eat from your hand!!!!!! So i told my husband.. perfect solution.. we cant have a pet bcz of "who's gonna take care of it" issues.. at least right now.. so squirrel is perfect!!! It will come and go as it pleases..

Just one problem.. i have put some pieces of biscuit out on the balcony to attract the biscuit, sorry the squirrel.. but it hasnt had it till now.. i have a feeling ... either a bird will eat it.. or maybe it will invoke a giant army of ants!!!!! These things always happen to me... but i am waiting to see what happens...

Long time back when i was in college, we used to sit on a path in the college surrounded by trees and have lunch there.. there this squirrel used to come.. one day we fed it.. after that, it used to come everyday when we were there... once it also had a fight with a sparrow on the small piece of chappati we had thrown... a cute thing... the first day, it hid behind a tree.. a couple of days hence, it came closer.. then it started eating from our hand.. finally there was a day when we were just sitting and chatting and we had not taken out our lunch yet.. when this squirrel came boundign up and actually sat on my bag.. exactly where the lunch box was.. literally demanding the box to be taken out... a cute thing.. after a while we stopped sitting there bcz of some reason.. wonder what happened to it!!! Hmmmm

So will keep you all posted on this squirrel.. on what happened to the biscuit!!!


The knife said...

Hey! I really envy you. I love pets. I would so love to have a dog. But like you said, who's gonna take care of it? When we were in iran we had goldfish at home and rabbits and tortoises in our loan. I guess life outside Bombay is so different. Yesterday I was seeing some of the houses in Gurgaon. I guess its like comparing Bandra with Panvel (Gurgaon). Sad we can't get a mix of both. But if i really had to choose, on a day to day basis, I'd rather be in the tick of things

Moonshine said...

True!!! One of my bombay friends visited our place last week.. he stepped in and the instant reaction was.. wow.. so much space!!! lol!!

BTW the squirrel did eat what i left out yesterday.. but didnt eat today :(