Sunday, November 2, 2008

New age ads

I am back to the subject of ads... lately this kind of communication have increased.. the "real" type of ads.. many of them showing the "real" facets of any relationship `or take a theme rooted in reality...And i am sucker for such ads!!! (I did like the Madhavan - Vidya Balan Airtel ad you know)

Look at the recent ones - right now the one that i really like watching.. is the new tata sky plus ad.. aamir khan and gul panag one.. everytime it plays, i like to watch it..its so real.. and their interaction as a couple is great too!!! a yuppie couple.. i think many of us can identify with it!!! Well, my husband doesnt "do" things for me so that he can watch something.. but what i can relate to is that we wtch very different programs!!! This ad is very different from their previous ads (didnt like those too much)... The airtel ad is ok (usually airtel ads have this emotional appeal .. but the new one doesnt).. And i absolutely abhor the Big Tv ad!!!

Another ad that i like is .. dont remeber the brand.. is it motorola?? The father son bit... the son say "will see u in 15, ciao".. and goes to take a shower, the father seeing this jumps around with the mobile trying to be as cool!! Which one was it???? I think it was motorola only!!!

Oh also the new SRK-Saif- Kareena commercial.. is also not that great!! Its ok types!!!

Then the Horlicks women ad... i absolutely loved it.. the one with Konkona Sen.. and its so true.. not so much for me though.. but i see these women all around me.. my sis , mom, colleagues at work.. hits a chord definitely.. cuts across and goes straight to the working mom and talks to her!! It was positively brilliant... but it was not on air for long.. dont know why..

The new nokia ad is also good.. the one with priyanka chopra!!!

Suddenly viewing ads has also increased in prominence... possibly because now many of the commercials are also increasingly becoming a story telling activity.. (like the ponds one with priyanka chopra which also i didnt like!!)

More on this when i get back from lunch... bye bye :)


Scarlett said...

Yes, it's Motorola. I like the Nokia Priyanka Chopra ad too.

The knife said...

I thought the airtel one was a bit stitled/ fake. Their converstation almost verged on foreplay. Who speaks like that? Or am I missing something? Talking of Tata Sky, i don't know if you have seen the Tata Sky Plus infommerical for dummies. Its hilarious. I guess there are different routes for advtg. In some cases it might strike a chord. for eg with you on the couple ones or the Konkona Sen ones. In some cases they might just focus on giving the key product message across. Big TV is one such eg. The fact is that the brand name has registered which is imp given it is new in the market. Two soem product messages get thru. Like I know that it has got a number of cinema halls. If I hadn't taken Tata Sky by then i would have checked more since we watch films very regularly.

Moonshine said...

@scarlett .. proyanka chopra is looking quite hep in her short hairstyle..

@Knife...Which one is the tata sky infomercial??? NOt seen that one... when the teasers came out, i thought they were for samsung as aamir endorses that brand..and the ad looked like an ad for household appliances..

BTW, your blogs are not very active these days.. whats up with the 2 of you!!!!

Moonshine said...

Oh, and whats your oinion on the new limca ad... with sushma reddy.. and someone..

The knife said...

The infommercial comes on when you switch on a tata sky box. Hilarious! No haven't caught the Limca ad/ Was inactive because of the holiday. And then began to focus on my travel blog first. Wrote a couple of loooong posts which took a lot of time, especially the picture updates

Moonshine said...

You mean the Gul panag with friends one?

Read some of your posts on turkey.. sounds like a fab place for a foodie like you!!!! :)