Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Globe theatre

I have been meaning to write about Globe theatre in London.. but never got around to doing so.

The pic you can see on my site .. there is only one.. is of the globe theatre!! I had seen it on some show on Travel and Living and since then wanted to watch a play there!! As you can see in the pic, they have reconstructed the entire stage...

We saw A Midsummer Nights Dream.. from the yard.. Yard is basically the area around the stage.. there is seating but it was expensive (went upto 35 pounds and all).. and they clearly state on the website that whatever seating you take (even if expensive), some part of the stage will be blocked by some pillar or the other.. So we took tickets to the yard .. 5 pounds only.. only catch is that you need to stand and watch the play.. and its a 3 hour long play!!!! It can accomodate (th yard i mean), upto 700 ppl.. and it was all full!!

A part of the stage was the runaway which went right into the crowd (in the Yard) from both sides.. so there would always be actors running up and down the stage.. in the middle of the crowd.. by your side (we had grabbed a place near the runway).. it was exhilirating!!!

Was it the play or the atmosphere, that i dont know.. but it was just amazing!!! Fundu.. a must do activity for anyone who goes to london!! I can still recall all the actors... who were met with a thunderous applause after the act!!!

I wanted to catch a musical too but unfortunately could not.. next time maybe!!!!

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