Monday, October 20, 2008

Guess who's back!!!!!

Well, very obviously me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!
Last month has been frustrating.. everyday there is something that happens and i think.. i must put this on my blog... Its been one month. .... one full month that i have not been able to access blogs! I was having withdrawl symptoms!!! Absolutely bored.. blogging being one of the mediums where i could have thought provoking discussions (yeah right!!!!)... well.. does provoke my thought

So finally after all these days, the net connection hapened .. only to give way to the fact that comp stopped functioning.. and i was in total agony!!!!! Really!!!!!!! But finally, its all come together.. my sweet husband did something to the comp and now its functioning... time for another yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! lol !!! Well, i am really happy!!!! Was completely dysfunctional without this!!

So whats the news... i finally found a channel that plays hindi music and english music.. this calls for another yay!! Small things give so much joy in life!!! At times its not as clear as i would liek it.. but hey, at least i am getting to listen to hindi music.. count your blessings is what someone said!!!! So things are coming together in Blr... yipeeeee.. so now you can expect action on my site, after a long long time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Scarlett said...

One yayyyyyyyyy!!!!! from me too that you're back. And you're so right...small things can give us tremendous joy!!

Moonshine said...

I am loving it!!!! :)