Friday, October 24, 2008

What is special for diwali

Well, I am making laddus!!!!!!!!!! At least trying to make!!! I am a good cook.. all right not that good.. but still ok types.. not bad either!!!

However, i have not tried making sweets as much.. maybe becuase i dont eat sweets myself.. actually i love chocolate stuff but not made anything.. so maybe the reason is that i think its quite a lot of work and whenever, those 1 or 2 times that i have tried making any sweet, its been a disaster...

Once i made halwa.. suji halwa, and i couldnt eat it myself!!! It was tasting extremely strange.. i am better, i can this very confidently, at making kheer.. but at times it becomes too thin and at times too thick!!!

Today i thought i will give laddus a shot!!! Took the recipe from my mom in the morning over the phone.. making laddu with 250gms besan only.. not making too much.. she told me then i need double the amount of sugar.. i forgot this info and promptly bought the same amount of sugar!!! But fortunately i had more sugar with at home!!!!

Then when making boondi, you are supposed to use this thing with holes so that besan drops can be put in the oil for frying... so i used that ladle to do that.. but we have only such ladle.. taking the boondis out of the frying pan was an extremely messy affair!!! othere are some boondis looking great.. the golden brown colour.. some light brown.. some thick.. some dark brown and some burnt!!! So i will definitely have multi coloured laddus!!!

Now making the sugar syrup... i have no clue as to how thick the sugar syrup should be..

Experimentation happening right now!! I hope it turns out ok!! So much mehnat!!!!! God have mercy .. time will tell whether on me or my husband who gets to eat it ;)

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