Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Leonardo must die!!

Sounding very dramatic arent i... well this post today is about Leonardo di caprio... i watched Body of lies day before and hence the thought is quite top of mind.. this thought occured to me before watching this movie obviously..

Does he i.e. leonardo di caprio have to die in every movie for it to become a success... all his recent movies blood diamond, departed.. well the directors do tend to kill him iall these movies... you see on screen this very likeable guy, who's doing stuff which is quite futile because there is always someone else running the whole show.. a guy with a good heart who is in the thick of things and then bam.. he is dead!! If you have watched blood diamond and departed you will agree i am sure!!! Actually if you look at it, all the 3 movies (the departed, blood diamond and body of lies) are somewhat similar in nature.. one is of course his role in all 3!!! All 3 have some political overtones.. more than political i should call it "the system".. all 3 have this faint strain of romance as well .. 2 end tragically.. actually its difficult to define the commonality but there sure is i feel!!!

So on sunday, i went to watch Body of lies.. i had seen the trailers earlier.. you see the trailer and you think i am sure this fella is gonna die again in this movie.. so quite expected him to die in the movie.. but natural.. and more so because i had seen departed and blood diamond again a few days back!!!

Well, he doesnt die in Body of lies...surprise surprise.. thank god.. i really do like this chap!!! Well, but he almost dies.. there is this scene, where his fingers are chopped off... and they put him on the execution table.. there are at times these scenes, these gruesome scenes that you dont want to watch but cant help but watch, in anticipation of what happens next.. and i was so sure they are going cut of his intestines or something and show it too... and then suddenly he gets saved.. phew!!!!

In one of my earlier posts, i had mentioned that there are some people whose movies you would want to watch .. you would think if this person is there in the movie, the movie will be worth watching... definitely added leonardo di caprio to that list!!

And I must say though, the movie was quite good.. Russell Crowe was fabulous!!!! Utterly fabulous!!!!


Scarlett said...

I didn't like the girl but apparently she's one of the leading actresses in Iran. Did you know there are no cinema halls in Iran???

Moonshine said...

What, really????????? So sad!!!

The girl was quite pretty actually!!

Scarlett said...

Really! Their movies go directly to DVDs & video. I actually don't like such unique looking people, if you know what I mean.