Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wont you like to be a fly on the wall?

I was talking to a colleague of mine about the "good old" bombay days.. there were 3 of us who were very good friends and would always eat together... while we did have a fairly big team, the others ate separately.. as in we would go down to the canteen to eat and these guys used to eat on the same floor at a bigger bay with friends from other teams (college frds etc).. one of the reasons for that of course was they were all (most of them) from the same college and all were junior to us.. in the sense they had a reporting relationship. Also, we used to think and are quite sure that they used to think we are snobs...

I dont know what made us think that.. but i guess we 3 always used to be together.. atke everyone's case.. and generally spent a lot of time together even after work.. even when we used to invite these guys to come down for lunch.. they would promptly invent some reason for not doing so!!! So in one of the many friday "girl's sessions" that we had at my place, we decided that they all thought we were snobs.. and we used to think.. what would they be bitching about.. what about us... and obviously we would conclude that the way we talk about our bosses they would be talking about us too..

So what would it be like? At that time when we were talking about all this, i was extremely curious .. to the extent i even asked some people.. and they so obviously didnt tell me!!!

In case you do come to know what people talk about you and it isnt nice, how would you react? One of my friends came to know that some random person was talking about her.. even though they hardly talked.. just hi and bye!!!! And she was extremely agitated.. i think i would be too!!!

I dont think i would be able to live with it.. i may not confront the person.. but my behaviour towards that person may change!!! So maybe its better that i dont know this stuff at all.. but then again.. the thought is quite tempting.. and in case you do figure that people think you are obnoxious or something, would you work towards changing your perception? As for me, if i happen to stumble upon anything like this, i think it would be stuck on my mind.. like forever!!!!!!

But i still keep oscillating between the 2 extremes.. between peace and curiosity!!!! lol

So what would it be - would you want to be a fly on the wall and know what people talk about you?

Oh, BTW, the snob bit finally turned out to be true.. somebody did tell all!!!!


Scarlett said...

Who said what? I want to know!!! :)
Or at least, what did they say?

the-mommie said...

hmmm.. A while back, I used to want to change people's perception of me or rather used to become more self-conscious around them. I'd like to think that I'm not as shaky now! :)

Frankly, its best for my mental health to just go about as usual and do my thing.

Moonshine said...

We got someone to confess about the geenral perception about us!!! that person realised too late that he told us.. but he stopped and didnt go ahead and tell us more!!!! lol..

If i do know that a ceratin aspect of my personality is taken in the wrong way,.. i was about to say i will do somethign about it but am not too sure!!!