Thursday, July 31, 2008

Momentary lapses :-)

Many a times i am on a laughing frenzy!! I just cant seem to stop myself... i just go on and on and on... the more serious the situation, the more i have this mad desire to laugh... and the more i try to control it, the more sounds i make (when laughing i.e.)!!!

Recently, we had gone to a meeting. The client was supposed to have done some work which they had not done properly. And were calling people from their organisation left right and center to resolve issues. My colleagues and i were sitting on one side of the table. He wrote on his laptop... "inhone kuch kaam nahi kiya hai.. in logon ne hamara DDP kar diya".. DDP is dhadadad popat (will tell you about this one in the next post)! I saw it, was not so funny also, but i started laughing.. both of us did.. uncontrollably.. i had to actually leave the room and control my laughterand get myself back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another instance - our team used to be a huge one.. there were some awards given.. along with which there is a description of why the award is being given... since my colleague was getting teh award, i was supposed to read the description and give the award to him.. and no prizes for guessing.. i started laughing and just couldnt stop!! The reason.. nothing!! There were about 18 ppl staring at me.. and I just burst out laughing!

We had gone to the Lotus temple in Delhi once.. There was a lady at the entrance of the temple.. who said.. "kripya shaanti banaye rakhiye" and that set me off.. inside the temple.!!!!! If one is alone you can still control it.. if not.. then god help you!!!!

I have once even laughed during a presentation... WHICH I WAS PRESENTING!!!!!! But fortunately, the client also thought it to be funny, so laughed along.

Its tricky, this laughter. Till it has not hampered me, touch wood.. :-)

It happened to my college frds - a group of bongs.. who used to laugh loud.. i mean you could hear them laughing across hostels. They were in a group together. One of our profs was taking their VIVA. Now this prof had a habit of grunting. Unfortunately, just as this group was about to answer a question, the prof got a phone call and grunted in response (to whatever the caller said).. thats it... all the guys were looking down. not trying to catch anybody's eye coz they knew if they did they would be in a big soup. But they did... and burst out laughing.. you know the kind that comes out when you are trying to control it desperately... they were howling with laughter.... snorting.... the prof promptly gave them each an F !!!!

There is someone i know professionally.. who is quite fat... Shirt is always extremely tight esp around the stomach .... so that it always looks as if his button is about to pop.. and thats always the first thing i notice when i walk into the room... till now i have managed to control my laughter.. but i worry... about losing control ..... and then i will be dead!!!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Whats in a name?

If i say the name Preeti, what kind of a person comes to your mind? And if say Joshi? Then?

Everytime you hear a name, you conjure up a person in your mind.. the way the person will be. In fact i remember one of my friends told me that she was getting married to some guy named **** and i was like...."not a person named *****!!" You are so dynamic! That person sounds like .. like.. so .. so not alive.. so not dynamic!!! And all this just basis the name!!! I didnt know anything about him, never even heard about him!!!!

The other day, i had gone for some meeting. And incidentally the client we were meeting was my namesake. We had never met her earlier. So as we waited in the reception, one girl came into the reception area - all of us looked up.. she was wearing the weirdest of clothes (weird coz i dont wear such clothes to work), had full make up on, long hair, broad built etc.. completely unlike me.. and i was like.. no, not this one.. cant be!!! Then she left and i caught my colleague's eye and both of us smiled. (nah... this one cannot be a *****) . and we were like.. life is still good.... Then we met my namesake.. she was not like me.. definitely.. but i was relieved that it was her and not the other one.. not relieved but.. ummm what should i say...

Whats weird is, all these thoughts were processed in a moment.... till then i had never thought how a person named ***** should look like , be like or talk like.. i mean i never had come across a person by that name.

For eg, if Amitabh Bachchan went by the name Rajesh Kumar or something? Completely takes the zing out , doesnt it? (Apologies to any Rajesh Kumars reading).

So what do parents think when they name their children ... that the child will imbibe some qualities from the name.. perhaps?? Or the name should have dum???

Then there are some name - surname combinations that are just meant to be.. together... I love it that my surname is my dad's name.. wouldnt have it any other way....

Names are our identity.. all our life.. 60 -70-80-90 yrs of life someone/ everyone calls you by that name.. in the shops, on the cards, at work, at home, in the gullies, at airports, at stations, at meetings, in the universe.... everywhere... so perhaps, we do absorb some qualities of our names... we melt into our names...maybe... do we accept the name.. or does the name accept us and shape us, mould us to make us compatible with the name.

BTW can you think of someone else by my name???????? I think i would feel cheated :) AM very possessive about my name!!! Cant have some aira gaira person with name!!! :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Strange reality - reality shows

We all, (when i say we all, i mean most of my frds and me.. like minded ppl), watch some of the "reality"shows on TV - actually proportion is lower as compared to others i think (I have watched Indian Idol, Saregama, some bits of Big Boss & Fear Factor!!!) .. but we still do... everyone you meet, every single person, would be watching at least 1 reality show if not more!!!! It is strangely fascinating... this world of so called "reality"!!

The more crass it is , the more concentrated viewing it is, isnt it? And this is not something that happened recently.. remember Temptation Island????? I think it was a show on Star wherein they get married ppl or engaged ppl to some island - put all the girls with some hunks and all the guys with some beautiful chicks!! THis show was all over the news.. and finally had to pulled off air......... i so wanted to watch it.. just to see... what is this show all about!! Imagine.... what kind of a reality show it is.. which tries, deliberately.. to cause break up!!!!! And ppl participate too!!!!

Big boss is another one - they put 13 or some number of ppl in one house with no communication - well?????? what do you expect.. of course sparks will fly.. ppl will talk about each other during the show!!!!!!! And there are ppl making money out of this!!! I have heard that Splitsvilla is also pretty sad...

So why do we, as rational adults watch any of these "reality" shows... it is difficult to switch off the set when such a show is on.. esp when ppl are complaining........... the stranger it is, the more fun it is to watch - like one of my frds put on her blog - you get hooked on not because you like what you see, but because there is a morbid curiousity - what will they do next!!!!

There are some shows though which are , rather were based purely on talent - Saregama (havent seen the new versions, am talking bout the Sonu Nigam one), other singing shows , dance shows... but all of these have become very commercial now with ppl fighting with each other, judges also fighting etc.... most of the times i am sure it is stage managed. I think it was Indian Idol that started this trend of "fighting" within shows... or humiliating contestants in front of everyone.. so many of these shows focus more on the "juicy bits" than the "talent".

Fear Factor is actually quite good.. ppl havent started cribbing yet!! The show is only focused on stunts!! I like it.. as of now! Actually I like Akshay Kumar.. he is quite droolworthy in this show!! :-)

Forgot to mention KBC / Paanchvi Pass - slightly better... actually quite better than other reality shows!!!

Well, so morbid curiosity it is .. in watching ppl rip each other apart!!! Ah,............... fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Hindi News Channels .. downright ridiculous

I just had to put this on my blog. Yesterday while channel surfing, i came upon Aaj Tak. They were talking about the terrorist attacks. The way they sensationalise things is to be watched.... there was one line written in red... covering almost half screen.. swinging wildly from one end to the other ... about some connected incident!!!!! It was ridiculous. The news i admit was newsworthy!!! But it was downright macabre... their view of such a serious situation... such a grave situation.. was to literally announce it in the most dramatic way possible (like a movie or something)... it seemed like a serial!!!!!

Another one i caught yesterday - this one should get an award- India TV, another hindi news channel. They were discussing cricket.. about how we lost to Sri Lanka. The headline was "Besharmi ki raat" or something like that (had the word besharmi in it ... sounds like B grade movie!!!). They showed a clip of Kumble giving the post match interview.. one comment by Kumble.. and scene would cut to the movie KARMA where Dilip Kumar goes and slaps Dr Dang in the jail!!!! Cut to.. the next comment by Kumble.. cut to... a slap (only audio this time).... next comment by Kumble.. another slap.. this happened some 10 times.. thats the number of statements probably Kumble made... it was atrocious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (instead of slap i should say tamacha.. sounds much more dramatic, as these channels do!!!!!)

They have given a new meaning to breaking news... to news per se... Do people really watch it? Such stuff? Its so idiotic most of the times. One of my friends shared with me that they have been focussing on UFO/Alien story for 2 days!!!

Its so strange.... maybe thats why people watch it.... "ab dekhiye... something something ka khulasa"......... Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What world are we living in???

But strange, English news channels stick to news usually! I wonder why... got to do with the profile of people watching it? Who watches these Hindi news channels? What kind of people and why?

It is downright idiotic ( i know i have said this before.. but i just cant get over the slap business)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Friends.. reason... season.. forever

There are ppl who come into your life for a reason, some friends are there for a reason, and some are there forever... i think this is what it was.. not sure.. one of my friends had forwarded this thought to me.. and then we had palyed this game... which friend in our circle fits into what category...

At that time it was a game.. but actually if you think about it.. its true... as in you can think about it and not think that its silly.. do you get it? Anyway, today on the way back from work, was thinking about this...

There are so many ppl in life who you just come across.... frequency, wavelength doesnt match.. if you didnt have to interact with them for some reason, then you would just go past them without ever knowing them!!!!! Its a coincidence.. knowing them!!! There are many ppl i can count who would fall in this category!! Its weird at times... And once you know them, you think life would not be complete if i had not known this person.. or something like that!!!!! So they are there in your life for a season i guess (debatable).... but you cannot imagine that period of life without them...!! So i was with a set of ppl .. so different from me.. completely ... poles apart types in terms of everything.. behaviour, thoughts everything... but i cant imagine being without them at this juncture in life.. i look forward to meeting them everytime!!!!

Another set of ppl who come into your life for a reason... now this i think does work.. i think someone.. or something.. triggered my marriage to my husband!!! So that person definitely came in for a reason...

And of course, throughout your life, there will be some ppl you will always be in touch with.. always... maybe you might speak to them after 2 months.. but you can carry on as if it were just yesterday.. it ceases to matter... these ppl are really special.. all others are too... but just that special bond you create.. which doesnt break but just takes the shape of the relationship (I am very abstract today!!!! Must be the pune trip)... and very weird but life kind of runs parallel with them.. you would say one thing.. and the other person would also be thinking on the same lines!!! Its strange....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Harry Potter

So i feel like continuing with the same theme... I am lazy.. there's that.. but there's so much to say about Harry Potter as well... getting attracted like a magnet, warming up to the theme!!!!

Like i replied on the last post, Harry Potter may have been originally for children... but if you look at the latter set of books (4 onwards).. they become darker.. goblet of fire still had some fun elements.. kiddie element.. except for the last scene... Order of phoenix more complex .. not so much fun and games... same with Half bool prince (in fact absolutely no fun & games).. and deathly hallows... the darkest ever (sets you thinking did HP even have fun and games in it???????)..... children grown up, pretty much!!!

I love the books.. i have till now liked all the movies as well. Order of the phoenix was made really really well.... it seems that they have understood what each of the characters are about!!!!

My favourite character is (besides HP), Ron.. wait i also like Hermonie.. and Fred (why did they kill him.. ) and George... and Neville (the way is his character shapes is a delight to read)... and Dumbledore of course.. even Snape... and Voldermort... ok, there many characters i like.. so well etched..

Once i was wondering how did JK Rowling think of such complicated stories.. in 7 parts.. apparently she had written the broad outline of each earlier only.... I think! The 6th and 7th book connects the entire story together!!!!! All the loopholes are closed... Really sad that there is no more Harry Potter to read :(

So i wait ... watch other movies... read other books from the kid section... hoping (in vain?) that something can be as promising as Harry Potter!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The world of Harry Potter

I write about Harry Potter today coz apparently yesterday was the day when the last book was released (or so said the paper)... so one guy is going to read the biography of JK Rowling (didnt know there is one).. or maybe he said other books.. whatever.... another one person is going to read the entire series to commemorate this day... bookshops plan to hold some event around it!!!! So i decided i would write about it.. my blog is not complete as it does not have a big important part of my life.... HARRY POTTER...

Well, last year.. me and my friend.. planned and planned.. and talked about this for at least a month before release. I think it was also heightened by the fact that the movie "order of the phoenix" also released around the same time!!!!! There were 3 of us.. 2 of used to discuss harry potter all the time.. the 3rd frd was not so cued on.. she wld try to change the topic.. but within seconds we would start talking bout it again.. (well she has incidentallly got married to guy who loves harry potter.. lol) .. So we bought all the previous books 2 days before.. which we didnt possess... and on the D day met up at 7 (!!!!!!!) in the morning.. me , the morning person!!!!!!!! Can you imagine??????? While we wanted to lay our hands on it rightaway.. we were savouring the moment.. had a cup of tea ... then went to Crossword.. picked the book.... sat at a coffee shop and contemplated about all the Harry Potter books, the possible endings (we were not the kind of people who would read the end first!!).... we were so glad to get the book that there was no inclination to run home and start reading immediately.... there was no hurry.... just wanted to savour every moment.. since it was the last in the series!!!! But i did open the first chapter to see the title... "the dark lord rising".. i think it was... and i was so excited just reading that...

I didnt read the book for 3 days.... i started reading later... all the ppl who knew i was crazy about it.. tried to tell me the ending... news stories, papers.. all tried.. there was a complete frenzy to know what happens in the end... ppl downloading from the net and all... but i wouldnt read / watch anything related to it.. of course, reading this book was marvelous, very heady.... perfect ending to a perfect series ... some endings we had discussed...
1) Harry Potter becomes a villain himself
2) All this time it was Neville Longbottom whose fate was entwined with Voldermort..
Cant remember anymore.. am sure there were more theories discussed!!!
.. though i was not so glad to read the epilogue.. when they grow up etc... coz then the hope of another book comes crashing down....

I read teh series twice.. started all over again after i finished the last book (many ppl i know started reading a month or so before the release so that they could finish the entire series before starting on the last book)..
I know ppl as crazy as me.... i remember when the "half blood prince" was released.. my frd called me up from Malaysia telling me that she didnt have the book.. somebody was shipping it to her.. she asked me .. who dies in the book (before the release huge amount of speculation on who dies)... when i told her it was dumbledore.. she actually started shouting.. oh god.. why him!!!!! Why, Why Why?????? And then we became very senti... such was mania.. not mania, but the involvement....

There have been times (do it all the time), when i think - why is it that i like it so much??? What draws me to it.. you are able to identify so well with each character... i mean if i look at where i studied or at work place or whatever..there are ppl who fall into the character as defined in the book.. there is each one of us in there!!!! (Maybe Voldermort.. could be the system (at work), clients (ha!!!).. etc)... Its so real.... yet so magical... i get transported to that world everytime i read the book.. can visualise each and everything... I can just keep reading these books forever!!! Everyone must read it.. whosoever's not reading is completely missing on something that is very special, very beautiful....

Yeah.. you guessed it right.. Am a big Harry Potter fan.. completely cracked up(lol)... 2 questions? Will she write again about potter? Maybe she could continue the story with the kid... I am missing the wait for the next book.. movie now i guess.. sigh!!!
2nd question... if all the characters were based in India.. who would be what (could be actors or whoever)... Food for thought, eh??

Monday, July 21, 2008

The entire universe conspires..

I had to talk about this too today.... 2 posts in a day!!!!
The universe definitely conspires to get you what you want to! Ah well..... in my case its sligthly different... i have been thinking that i need to do some physical activity.. like i mentioned in my previous blog.. started walking, never continued.. so this time i decided i will do aerobics... called up the concerned person.. there are 2 classes.. at 6am and 7.15am. I am really not a morning person.. but i decided to try..

I woke up (not woke up, opened one eye i think) on Thursday at 6.30.. went back to sleep declaring that i didnt have clothes to wear for the aerobics class!!!!!!!! Friday.. went to pune. So my next target was Monday i.e. today... I woke up at 6.30.... got out of bed i.e.... and then thought.. should i, should i not.. till 7.00am!! Then finally i decided against it.. and decided to go for a walk.. changed.. wore my shoes and socks.. and took my ipod.. and reached downstairs.. and it started raining.. climbed all the way back up.. 3 floors (very strenous).. and the rain stopped.. i was too disgusted to try again!!!

See, god doesnt want me to exercise.. happy in this thought.. well, i did try today!!!!!!

The Dark Knight

Well.... had typed in alot... but lost the entire damn thing.. will try to write it all over again!!! :(

I loved it... the movie was brilliant!! Batman is not my type of a movie... so i was not expecting too much... i went coz i love going to watch a movie in the theatre!!! But it was great!! The more i think about it the more i love it!!

Such an unconventional "super hero " movie... not a usual good guy vs bad guy movie... where the good guy bashes everyone up!! This one was different.. the "super hero" had his own weaknesses... not that strong after all!! Was more a real life hero ... like anyone of us in everyday life.. assailed with doubts and all.... And Christian Bale in this role was tremendous. I must admit, i never paid any attention to him before this movie... have seen other movies of his.. batman begins and prestige.. this one was way better!!!!! He is pretty much up there.. with all the other batman's in the world.. if not better i.e.

And of course, Joker was quite spectacular... his walk, the talk.. the lip smacking.. everything about him was as villainous as it gets.. and i am sure his actual acts of villany was less than other villans.. but just the thought .. just the way he talks.. induces a feeling that he would committ great heinous acts!!! And also a feeling of fear.. when he appears on screen. Heath Ledger was fabulous!

When the the joker gets captured in the movie (goes to jail).. i was like.. such a short movie.. good guy has won.. and no interval too (like in Hancock).... and suddenly as i was thinking this, "interval" flashed on the screen.. and i was like.. now what more are they to show!!!!! When the movie ended i was left wanting for more!!!!

Was a fundu movie.. worth every penny!!! A definite must see!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do you believe?

In astrology? In numerology? tarot? or horroscopes.. etc etc....
I had planned to write something else... but suddenly started writing about astrology for some reason!!!
So earlier... a few yrs back.. i never used to pay much attention to this. Used to laugh at people who used to believe in it..... Well some experiences have changed that.. not that i believe in it now.. but i am kind of undecided..
Once i went to Ashoka night bazaar (much before my husband and i decided to get married)... one of my friends told me to visit this lady... she told me that not only will i get married but it will be a "love marriage"... she told me that i will get married in 2006.. and told me that i will live near the sea!!! All this did happen... coincidence or reality? she also told me 2 things about work.. will work for 3 yrs after marriage.. .. will start something on my own after that coz i will get fed up... hmmmm.. lol!!!!!! This was after asking my birth time etc

Another friend also looked at my hand.. and told me that you will get married around this time.. etc etc.. which happened!!!!
Post this... i have been un-decided!!!! I do read the zodiac sign wala horroscope.. its fun to read!!! Take it with a pinch of salt.. how can the same thing be true for millions of people all over the world? But then again.... hmmm... i am still undecided... is it true? Does it happen? I am very fascinated by all this!!!!! Wouldnt mind going to a jyotish again!!! :-)

Monday, July 14, 2008

My farewell?

I have been cribbing about this.. not cribbing.. but what should i say.. feeling deflated lately...

I am shifting base to Banaglore.. soon.. And i was thinking.. what impact have i made here in Bombay, in terms of work i.e. .... in fact i was quite happy with everything that i have done here.. i enjoyed working here.. it was fun.. and i think or thought i have done great work...

But then i was talking to a colleague of mine.. who are the clients who will remember me.. one client that i serviced has retired.. so all the goodbyes, miss yous are already over... another client who actually liked me.. he was more flustered about what will happen to the study.. what a let down!!!! And i can think of only one more client who might just about ask a question about me if he doesnt see me.. but thats bout it.

Then i thought, oh well, my ppl will miss me.. my 2 very good friends at work have already left :-( .... my boss shifted to delhi.. my ex boss's role has changed.. there is one more person who may move out next month :-( ... my team is down to 4-5 ppl.. mostly new!!! So no one.. no clients.. team may not miss me that much.... that was so sad... thats why i was so deflated!!!!!!!!!!! My team is also almost dissolved.. that itself is sad!!!! Ah well...

And its so strange.. i thought i will post this today.. and i saw another post by an old frd of mine..... as if she could read my mind.. some kind of telepathy (kismet konnection??? )...:-)... where she has written about all that we used to do... such a feel good!!!!! Thanks madam... really love you for that!!! How did you even know?????????? I guess this is what girl to girl connect is about.

Went to CCD at Dadar today.. and was thinking about the powai CCD and the chocolate doughnut!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Yummmmmmiiiiiieeeeeee .. not just the food.... we had a rollicking time didnt we!!! So let of great memories at work.. celebrating diwali (which was all bout dressing up).... walks after lunch.... tea time break (we had a tea manager too.. who would order tea for all of us everyday at 3 without fail).... weird ppts, weird clients as well :-) ..... crisis management (esp the one that happened when we were about to leave at 8 and were called back) .. partying at singapore (oh that was fun.. we had bought stilettos to wear for the party.. but held the sandals in our hands most of the time).. and the farewell party of my colleague (maybe i will post the video, sorry audio file on my blog!!!!! ).... yeah.. lot of memories... smiling as i think of it right now..... its ok i guess.. things change.. keep changing.. universal truth!!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My significant other

Have been debating with myself.. since the last 2 hrs o so.. should i write about this.. not write... so finally i have decided to write... while the debate is still on.. may not post it too.. lets see!!!

Well, my significant other is not in town... And i have been missing him like crazy! We have been together for 2 yrs now! When he is here things are fine... i anyway do not get to meet him during the week.. he starts his work in the afternoon (when i am at work).. and gets back home late in the night when i am asleep.. so we end meeting talking properly during the weekends only..
So one might think.. what difference does it make even if he is not in town during the week.. anyway we dont get to meet.. Which is true.. but really strange.. every evening i come back to an empty house.. and i am ok with it.. now i am used to it.. but when he is not there the feeling of being alone is heightened for some reason!!!
When he is there in town..i think.. at least he is town.. there is always a chance of meeting up during the week in the evenings (which doesnt happen!!!).. but i get comforted by that!!

This week, actually since yesterday have not been keeping too well.... and whenever i am not well, i start missing my mom a lot!! More than the illness, she pampers me silly.. which she is doing even now.. calling me up and giving me all the instructions over the phone!!! This time round I am missing him too... its terrible... i guess when one is not well, all you want is some pampering!!!!!!! I like calling him up and complaining!!! To which he replied.. well i am back tomorrow, so you will be fine!!! :-)
And believe me I am... eagerly awaiting his return... (not back yet) start saying i am really unwell.. and to get pampered.. and comforted!!!!! :-)

A soppy post this!!! Pls excuse me!!!!! :( I am not well......... lol!!

And obviously, have won the war (read debate) with myself.. posting it.. heart on the sleeve et all.... :-)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Ms Klutz

Yeah, that would be me... I have been extremely clumsy.. all my life..

Whenever someone would give me tea.. and say.. take care its very hot.. i would promptly drop it on myself!!!

We stay in an old house... which does not have a single door.. but 2 doors.. one on each side.. not a single door concept as is usually!! Every time I pass this living room doors, i always somehow manage to hit my hand on it.. everytime without fail.. the 2 doors have bout an arm's length at least between them.. its very strange .. i guess i walk at an angle.. and not straight!! Whatever...

And i keep on getting hurt somehow or the other.. i dont even realise it!!! That one day i was blogging, i hit the computer table.. twice.. at exactly the same place .....

And i have ended up (not deliberate) scolding most , many actually... uh.. some of my bosses on the phone.. obviously not realising it was them!! In one instance it was the MD!!!!!

One of my friends was on leave.. and she wanted me to check if the boss was in (she had lied to him actually). and instead of messaging her, i messaged my boss!!! Imagine!!! Dont think she ever forgave me for that.. but we are still friends...

And once i was cribbing about a client to my boss... and yes you guessed it right, sent it to my client instead !! Thankfully had not written anything major!

There have been many such instances.. but somehow, thankfully.. it has not caused too much problem till now!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reverse Snobbery

Is it reverse snob or snobbery? Whatever... I have been meaning to write about this for quite a while.. but havent.. so today after racking my brains about what to write.. i finally settled on reverse snobbery (sounds like market snodsbury... a place in PG Wodehouse books!!! lol)..

Anyway, so i am a reverse snob.. or used to be... or maybe still am... What is reverse snobbery.. it is being a snob in reverse (hahaha..)... like not bothering about men / guys and thinking thats definitely cool... actually i genuinely believed that.. not from the "cool / uncool" perspective but i used to be in my own world.. in our college fests (the only day when guys could actually enter our college), me and my friends used to be the only set of girls who would look like they used to look everyday!!! There would be ppl chattering about boys all the time.. definitely not one of them!!!

There was a time when watching TV was definitely not in.. i think that continues still.. so i usually (not deliberate) admit to watching junk on tv .. so many ppl claim that they dont watch TV (am sure thats not true)...

I talked bout reading in my last post.. that is another example..

Used to love Govinda movies... and ppl look down on me!!! Like... helloooooo.... I love Hindi movies!!!! So what? I love the song dance routine... love everything about them.. If i watch 2 english movies, then i definitely feel the need to watch one hindi movie!!!!

Basically just being yourself.. is reverse snobbery.. nothing to be ashamed of type.. not putting on pretences ... just being who you are ... who cares!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What are you reading currently?

I was replying to my friend's post.. and decided about what to write about.....

Reading is the topic for the day... Now, i am a voracious reader!! Hang on.. before you make any further judgements i will tell you what i read... I read a lot of fiction and some non fiction.. then there are phases.. at times i read travelogues.. only travelogues and nothing else.. etc

Many people get amused when they ask me what do i read.. or what am i reading currently.. coz when i say i am reading "Famous Five" (pls note i am 29 yrs old).. they look at me.. at times with sympathy, at times with admiration at having admitted such a thing to ppl and at times with a look which says.. gawddddddddddd how can a person be like this!!!

I used to work in an educational institute sometime back.. so we used to conduct mock interviews for students (for MBA) to help them out.. Every student used to say that their favourite book is paulo cohelo.. i mean how can it be true for every person.... i guess he was the flavour of the season.. the name to throw to impress ppl.. and this trend continues not only at interviews.. even otherwise at all occasions.. a way to prove.. look i am doing something worthwhile... or maybe i feel it, interpret it that way!!!!

One of the first times when i went out with my husband.. he asked what do i read.. i didnt answer at first.. he was telling me about all the books he reads... all high funda books (he does actually read those!!!)... and i was like.. oh god what name should i throw at him.. which shows class!!! :-).. well, but i didnt lie.. did tell him about what i read... dont know what he thought!!!

So when i say i am a voracious reader i do actually mean that... i like reading, i read everyday (well, something or the other), cant think of doing anything better than spend my time reading or going to a bookstore and buying lots of stuff.. (i get kicks of it.. instant upliftment of mood).. And i have to read everynight before sleeping.... so at our place.. we do not have much stuff.. except for books.. a whole lot of them!!!! Cant live without them!!!!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A 5 minute meditation

Blogging is addictive!!!!! Must thank Scarlett for that!!! For getting me hooked on i.e.!
So i have been thinking what should i write about today (over the last 2 days) - actually the way it happens is.. something happens to you or you are witness to something and you decide you must put it on your blog!!

So coming back to the topic.. i get influenced / inspired very quickly.. inspired to take up some or the other activity.. a few months back, i was quite stressed out at work.. to the extent that my husband also told me off one day.. so i thought i need to de-stress or control my temper.. i decided to meditate.. i was discussing the benefits of meditation.. and obviously everyone agreed that it will work wonders. So one fine day after i came back from work.. i sat in my room.. switched off radio etc etc and closed my eyes to meditate.. i decided since it is my first time, i will only meditate for 5 mins upping the time everytime. I sat... set the alarm for 5 mins.. closed my eyes... and waited.. tried to free my mind of thoughts (which is tough and ppl have said that its difficult)... so thought will let my mind take whatever direction it takes...

Sat for 5 mins.. opened my eyes.. and checked time.. only a min had passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shut my eyes again.. checked time again within a min again .. thought to myself .. good lord only a min has passed... and started thinking when will the alarm ring... started trying to concentrate to get it to ring!!!! All in all checked time at least 3-4 times before the alarm finally rang... phew!!!!! And that was the end of meditation.

I have a habit of starting something new but get bored very quickly... like bought some sketchbook to draw (this was before TZP, BTW!!!).... drew only once (I have a drawing instruction book too!!!) !!! Enquired about swimming classes, never went.. did yoga at home everyday for a month (was surprisingly able to sustain for that long).. walked at shivaji park for 10 days (bought running shoes, track pants specifically for that) .... and now have bought a book to learn malayalam.. i mean i can converse in malayalam but not read and write.. so picked up a book to learn.. lets see if i am able follow it through!!!!!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Jaane Tu .. & Sarkar Raj - back to back

Saturday started on a bright note... after all, after a long spell of no movies, there i was about to watch 2 movies.. back to back!!!!!!!!!!! The thrill of watching 2 movies is better than.. than.. watching just one movie, i guess!!

Movie no 1 - Jaane Tu..... I went hoping it would be good.. And surprise surprise... it turned out to be good too!!! Ah.. a breath of fresh air, this movie.... cute characters, great songs... refreshingly cute (cant think of other synonyms!!!) Imran Khan and Genelia... obviously i like the guy better :-). A very very cozy movie.. reminds one of old college ( or PG) days!!! He looks so different from all other heroes.. and the concept of non violence bit is unlike other movies.. that was what was refreshing.. no melodramas.. just plain friendship and romance.. gooey, sticky romance (do you get what i mean)? We picked the tickets for morning show ( ridiculously early.. 10 am).. and the theatre was packed... there is not a single part of the movie that was boring.. it is funny, romantic, comic (a repeat i know) .. all in the right parts! Actually the reviews were not so great.. TOI has given 2.5 stars as i read with a sinking heart... i would have given at least 4 stars if not 5. Even my husband liked it.. so while my review may make one think that it is a chic flick, an all mush movie... well, think again! Oh, and the music was also great.. what else can one expect from AR Rahman. He is fabulous.

Movie no 2 - Sarkar Raj... I have been trying to watch this movie since last month. So Jaane Tu got over at 12.45 and off we went to the next theatre to catch Sarkar Raj at 12.50! The initial half an hour.. was kind of lost to me... a lot of close ups, shadows etc.. took me sometime to get used to it! I started liking the movie post interval actually! Amitabh Bachchan was superb as usual. The god of cinema...He had such an impassive face when killing chander!!!! Power exuding from him when he was getting ppl killed .. A matter of fact tone.. when he tells anita that my men killed your dad sometime back...he is a true rockstar. How do all these ppl emote like this? A dark movie.. does all this really happen in politics .. i guess it does.. look at the politics at work to draw a parallel!!

So, a charming saturday in all!!! I love watching back to back movies.. last time watched Bheja Fry and Spiderman.. this is a first in the sense that i have not seen 2 Hindi movies together till now!!!

So next looking forward to ... dont know which other movie is releasing now..... :-)

Thursday, July 3, 2008


I went to Delhi last weekend.... and my cell stopped functioning. When i called the Hutch ppl they told me that since i had activated international roaming (which incidentally never worked), the roaming got deactivated!!!! So i spent about 24 hrs in Delhi without my lifeline ... my cell!!!! I had gone to delhi to meet an old friend... and her son!! In these 24 hrs, went to my friend's place, went out for dinner, attended a function, slept for a few hrs etc...Basically it was extremely hectic.

I never thought i would be the person say this (the above lifeline line i.e.)... i was a reverse snob (right term?).. i remember when i started working in 2001, in our office only my boss and another colleague of mine used to have a cell... everyone used to coordinate by calling on the landline .. so a couple of times have completely missed on meeting my friends too (on the hottest day in delhi and no money in the pocket.. long story)...

To come back to the reverse snobbery bit.. everyone who used to have a cell then, used to shriek on the phone.. or they would sms when talking to me (or anyone else for that matter)... i used to hate it.. it was so rude!!!! Whenever somebody used to advise me to buy a cell.. i would be like.. "are you crazy? dont want to turn into one of them!!!" . I actually used to be quite proud of the fact that i didnt have a cell... and used to proclaim it loudly!!!! And then one fine night, i left late from work, missed my chartered bus (at 9.30pm).. took a blue line bus and reached and home late.. it was terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then i got dad's car with driver and also a cell .. .. the big motorola handset which used to look like a cordless!!! It had only 2 basic functions.. talk and sms!! Then i got another motorola phone which got stolen.. and finally a basic nokia. Now i have a motorola again!!!

For a long time (4-5 yrs), i used to keep my cell on silent.. always.. again a type of reverse snobbery.. cant have some frivolous ring tone on my cell!!!! I just graduated to having a ring tone on my cell.. or some kind of music!!! I still do not have a caller ring tone (the music ppl hear when they call me)!!!

So my basic point was - i was so missing my cell... in those 24 hrs that i spent in delhi... the trip was great but i was feeling so disconnected and disoriented... at the airport the flight got delayed and had to use the pay phone to tell my husband (havent used it in a long time) ..... its become an extension of me... my arm.. hand rather.. i always have the cell in my hand.. rather most of the times... rather whenever i can :-) .. . else it is on the desk where i can see it..

I cant dream of being away from it. It also doubles up as my watch.. even if i am wearing a watch, i still consult my cell (most of the time)! Also serves as my alarm clock! I dont know how we ever managed anything when we didnt have cells..... Its extremely strange .. from total non believer.. i have gone to being a believer..

But of course 2 sides to a story -

Whenever i do not have my cell.. or the battery conks off.. i start worrying.. how do i inform ppl about anything.. the time when blasts happened.. or rained heavily... the network was not on.. i felt so helpless.. and so were my family.. worried i.e.!! You tend to worry yourself silly .. what if anything happens.. cant even contact anyone.. earlier used to be bindass.. no worries.. even family used to be chilled out.... you tend to try to stick to the time committed, face ppl even when giving bad news.... everything is on sms now...has it given us an easy way out? This mode of contact even when on the move.. has it created a world where everyone is just even hassled and can never disconnect.. a monster???