Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do you believe?

In astrology? In numerology? tarot? or horroscopes.. etc etc....
I had planned to write something else... but suddenly started writing about astrology for some reason!!!
So earlier... a few yrs back.. i never used to pay much attention to this. Used to laugh at people who used to believe in it..... Well some experiences have changed that.. not that i believe in it now.. but i am kind of undecided..
Once i went to Ashoka night bazaar (much before my husband and i decided to get married)... one of my friends told me to visit this lady... she told me that not only will i get married but it will be a "love marriage"... she told me that i will get married in 2006.. and told me that i will live near the sea!!! All this did happen... coincidence or reality? she also told me 2 things about work.. will work for 3 yrs after marriage.. .. will start something on my own after that coz i will get fed up... hmmmm.. lol!!!!!! This was after asking my birth time etc

Another friend also looked at my hand.. and told me that you will get married around this time.. etc etc.. which happened!!!!
Post this... i have been un-decided!!!! I do read the zodiac sign wala horroscope.. its fun to read!!! Take it with a pinch of salt.. how can the same thing be true for millions of people all over the world? But then again.... hmmm... i am still undecided... is it true? Does it happen? I am very fascinated by all this!!!!! Wouldnt mind going to a jyotish again!!! :-)


Akansh Goyal said...

Hi Ma'am you are realy great

Akansh Goyal said...

Hi ma,am galti se kisi or k ID se comment post kar dia

Moonshine said...

acha... but you would be?