Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Strange reality - reality shows

We all, (when i say we all, i mean most of my frds and me.. like minded ppl), watch some of the "reality"shows on TV - actually proportion is lower as compared to others i think (I have watched Indian Idol, Saregama, some bits of Big Boss & Fear Factor!!!) .. but we still do... everyone you meet, every single person, would be watching at least 1 reality show if not more!!!! It is strangely fascinating... this world of so called "reality"!!

The more crass it is , the more concentrated viewing it is, isnt it? And this is not something that happened recently.. remember Temptation Island????? I think it was a show on Star wherein they get married ppl or engaged ppl to some island - put all the girls with some hunks and all the guys with some beautiful chicks!! THis show was all over the news.. and finally had to pulled off air......... i so wanted to watch it.. just to see... what is this show all about!! Imagine.... what kind of a reality show it is.. which tries, deliberately.. to cause break up!!!!! And ppl participate too!!!!

Big boss is another one - they put 13 or some number of ppl in one house with no communication - well?????? what do you expect.. of course sparks will fly.. ppl will talk about each other during the show!!!!!!! And there are ppl making money out of this!!! I have heard that Splitsvilla is also pretty sad...

So why do we, as rational adults watch any of these "reality" shows... it is difficult to switch off the set when such a show is on.. esp when ppl are complaining........... the stranger it is, the more fun it is to watch - like one of my frds put on her blog - you get hooked on not because you like what you see, but because there is a morbid curiousity - what will they do next!!!!

There are some shows though which are , rather were based purely on talent - Saregama (havent seen the new versions, am talking bout the Sonu Nigam one), other singing shows , dance shows... but all of these have become very commercial now with ppl fighting with each other, judges also fighting etc.... most of the times i am sure it is stage managed. I think it was Indian Idol that started this trend of "fighting" within shows... or humiliating contestants in front of everyone.. so many of these shows focus more on the "juicy bits" than the "talent".

Fear Factor is actually quite good.. ppl havent started cribbing yet!! The show is only focused on stunts!! I like it.. as of now! Actually I like Akshay Kumar.. he is quite droolworthy in this show!! :-)

Forgot to mention KBC / Paanchvi Pass - slightly better... actually quite better than other reality shows!!!

Well, so morbid curiosity it is .. in watching ppl rip each other apart!!! Ah,............... fascinating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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