Thursday, July 31, 2008

Momentary lapses :-)

Many a times i am on a laughing frenzy!! I just cant seem to stop myself... i just go on and on and on... the more serious the situation, the more i have this mad desire to laugh... and the more i try to control it, the more sounds i make (when laughing i.e.)!!!

Recently, we had gone to a meeting. The client was supposed to have done some work which they had not done properly. And were calling people from their organisation left right and center to resolve issues. My colleagues and i were sitting on one side of the table. He wrote on his laptop... "inhone kuch kaam nahi kiya hai.. in logon ne hamara DDP kar diya".. DDP is dhadadad popat (will tell you about this one in the next post)! I saw it, was not so funny also, but i started laughing.. both of us did.. uncontrollably.. i had to actually leave the room and control my laughterand get myself back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another instance - our team used to be a huge one.. there were some awards given.. along with which there is a description of why the award is being given... since my colleague was getting teh award, i was supposed to read the description and give the award to him.. and no prizes for guessing.. i started laughing and just couldnt stop!! The reason.. nothing!! There were about 18 ppl staring at me.. and I just burst out laughing!

We had gone to the Lotus temple in Delhi once.. There was a lady at the entrance of the temple.. who said.. "kripya shaanti banaye rakhiye" and that set me off.. inside the temple.!!!!! If one is alone you can still control it.. if not.. then god help you!!!!

I have once even laughed during a presentation... WHICH I WAS PRESENTING!!!!!! But fortunately, the client also thought it to be funny, so laughed along.

Its tricky, this laughter. Till it has not hampered me, touch wood.. :-)

It happened to my college frds - a group of bongs.. who used to laugh loud.. i mean you could hear them laughing across hostels. They were in a group together. One of our profs was taking their VIVA. Now this prof had a habit of grunting. Unfortunately, just as this group was about to answer a question, the prof got a phone call and grunted in response (to whatever the caller said).. thats it... all the guys were looking down. not trying to catch anybody's eye coz they knew if they did they would be in a big soup. But they did... and burst out laughing.. you know the kind that comes out when you are trying to control it desperately... they were howling with laughter.... snorting.... the prof promptly gave them each an F !!!!

There is someone i know professionally.. who is quite fat... Shirt is always extremely tight esp around the stomach .... so that it always looks as if his button is about to pop.. and thats always the first thing i notice when i walk into the room... till now i have managed to control my laughter.. but i worry... about losing control ..... and then i will be dead!!!!


Scarlett said...

Dare I guess who this shirt-so-tight-button's-about-to-pop person is!!! ;)

Moonshine said...

Lol... dont!!!!!! :-) No prizes for guessing!!!

The knife said...

your post took me to my childhood days when i just couldn't stop giggling during hide and seek or dark room...I also broke into a giggling/ simpering fit the evening I was going to speak my heart out to the woman I eventually maried

Moonshine said...

Alls well that ends well!!! :-)

But i still giggle.. and i just cant seem to stop!!!!

The knife said...

well reading about this induced a similar giggling fit when I was in a simialr situation today...I managed evasive action when some others barged in

Moonshine said...

It gets really bad.. the more the serious the situation is the more it all feels funny... and worst is when you splutter, snort with laughter!!!!!

The knife said...

I think it is, at the risk of sounding a chauvinistic, slightly girly or kiddy to giggle undendingly. I guess men do so when there mom in laws visits them (I am just recovering from that). Though I must say we had a colleague who would make us burst into laughter with his 'pearls of wisdoms'. the best thing about him is that he would laugh the loudest once he realised the joke. That is quite an ability laugh with others at one self

Moonshine said...

Hope your wife doesnt come across this post!!!! :-)

The knife said...

wouldn't matter...she is a fellow victim...we were just reminiscing