Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mummy - Tomb of the dragon emperor

I saw this movie late last night... the 10.25 pm show. And it was devastating. An excrutiatingly boring movie. We had 2 options - Mummy or Ugly and pugli. I think the 2nd one would have been better!!!

My husband did not know the 2nd part of the name of the movie(the dragon bit).. he saw it and said.. "i thought Mummy was in Egypt.. isme dragon kahan se aa gaye?" And that set the tone for the movie. There is nothing remotely exciting, thrilling or scary about the movie. Its a singularly flat movie.. without even a single action sequence which would make you feel that it was worth it. Mummy 1 was quite decent.. the mummy was scary.. ok not that much.. but a little.. and those gross insects (like cockroaches) that get under your skin was scary (all right, only a little but still !!!)... there is nothing worthwhile, of that sort in the movie.. Jet li looks pretty normal.. not at all scary, cruel or anything of that sort.. and the sad part is that he doesnt even have any action scenes in the movie ... the good ones (like he does in rush hour and all)!!

Its a pretty sorry movie. The guy who plays Brendan Fraser's son was very boring.. staid, non thrilling kind of a guy!! In fact Brendan Fraser was more exciting than the son!!! He is the only, the only (even if you look thru a microscope) saving grace in the whole movie.... And he looks the same age as his son you can imagine what the 20 yr old son was like!!!!!

Extremely boring... was yawning throughout the movie... came home and saw National Treasure - Book of secrets.. definitely better!!! And we were able to drown our "Mummy" sorrows and forget it completely at the end of it!!!


Scarlett said...

You should've gone for Ugly & Pagli. Would've been funny atleast! I don't understand why they had to take 'The Mummy' to China at all? Just coz China is "the next superpower" & is hosting the 2008 Olympics? That's so retarded!! 'The Mummy' belongs to Egypt, they should've kept it there.

Moonshine said...

Dont watch it whatever may happen!!!!