Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dinner plans

I am in Bombay for a week more! Moving to Bangalore on the 31st of this month.. i.e. weekend after next. So in the build up to my leaving, inviting my frds over for dinner!!

So the problem is -
1) I need to spruce up the house .. dont get me wrong.. our house is usually pretty clean (there's only the two of us).. but there is a whole lot of stuff lying everywhere.. books/ clothes.. more books and finally more books!!!
2) 2nd problem is that they are all coming for dinner.. so i need to feed them all with something.. i have never planned a party earlier.. so thinking what to do.. one idea that they all gave was that we can have a maggie party .... another one said we could have veg pulav.. need a huge kadhai for both!! Some are asking me if i will be making anything at all or not!!!!!!!!! Since i have been promising everyone for the last 3 months or so, that i will get something for lunch, i was thinking at least now i will make something.. maybe just one thing!!!! I dont want to stand in the kitchen when everyone is having a blast ... not the sign of a good hostess!! :-)

Give me some ideas ppl.... maybe i will end up ordering from Lucky Biriyani!!!!


Scarlett said...

No! Don't order from Lucky Biryani!! We've done that already for my farewell party at your house, remember? ;) I'll give you a fantastic idea...have a pizza & coke party. I was thinking of doing this at my place before I left Bombay but couldn't get around to doing it. And you can make pasta to go with it (since you're so keen to make something). And miss me!!! :-)

the-mommie said...
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the-mommie said...

some ideas i've tried for my many parties:
- buy some garlic bread from the bakery and toast that before serving.
- you can serve a quick mushroom, cheese, onion stir fry type thingy with the bread if you like
- serve kebabs with chutneys / yoghurt dip (call me for a easy and yum recipe)

The knife said...

Bombay flats are not meant for entertaining. Biriyani, kebabs from Jeffs are good options. How about lot of puffs, tikkas, chops, tiny pastries from Candies? Pizzas too though slightly boring. I guess your Jain friend would be the Maggi freak

burizadokanyon said...

Hmmm! ya you should not order from lucky, it would be so boring every1 having biryani and "koi chiken faad raha hai" LOL. i think scarlett's idea is nice, we can have a pizza party. that would be great. I hope you have thought out a plan as to what are we gonna do the whole eve!!!

The knife said...

while on the pizza theme you could probably balance it with some Lebanese stuff from Falafel. The only problem is that it is vegetarian but if your friends like trying out different things then these could be nice options. There is one at Bandra in the suburbs

burizadokanyon said...

todays eve was rocking, i just cant get a smile away from ma face.It was so much fun. The pasta was amazing and also the bhurgeee, chiken nuggets, patis, etc was nice. the best part was the game that we were playin, adn enacting various objects was so much fun. I dunno when would i get a chance to do all this again. Thnks