Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Then again there are some days which are like this!!!!

Some more in the same vein..

Today was raining the entire day... why is that the day it is raining non stop, you have many meetings lined up. So i went to andheri for my first meeting.. left 1 hr 10 mins before the meeting (enough buffer).. reached domestic airport too in time.. there is a new flyover that is open there but apparently the cabbie didnt know (and i was on the phone yakking).. so went below the flyover got stuck.. post which got stuck at 3 different places.. reached 15 mins late for the meeting.

Then left.. ran to office (by cab).. for a con call... reached parel at 1.45.. got lured by Jai Hind Lunch home.. was assured of quick service... in between my new boss called.. told him will call at 3... but obviously got late.. had the con call at 3 and left for the next meeting at churchgate at 4.. spoke to my new boss in between... reached late again.. and this time the cab seat was wet (icing on the cake).. and only on my side of the i got wet on all the wrong places.. i am not saying where (sure, you know it)... it looked terrible..

In that state, reached the client's office.. it was the first timewe were meeting this guy .. we gave his name at the reception, and the lady was like.. who????????? And we were like.. whoa!!!! You dont know??? She tried to elicit a description but obviously we were no help there..But we insisted.. so she said, must be this new guy who has joined. In any case, we called up the client on his cell... he said.. you take the first door on the left and meet me at the 5th cubicle.. bilkul bindaas!!! So off we went , looking for the 5th cubicle.. but in vein.. met some other chaps who we knew.. asked about the whereabouts of our man friday.. and they were also like.. who????? who is he?? Even then we were persistent.. called up the guy again.. some miscommunication.. he said come to the 3rd floor.. and we are like.. finally!! Waved our byes to the chappies and went.. happily i may add .. and went to the receptionist (you have to cross her if you need to any other floor).. and told her in gay abandon ( we were happy about solving this puzzle).. that guy is on the 3rd floor.. and not 1st!!! (In our minds we were saying.. yes!!!!! Yes!!!! Yes!!!! pumping fists in the air and all that).

And she said.. there is no one on the 3rd floor.. there is renovation happening.. but we insisted (yet again)... so we went to lift and told the lift guy.. 3rd floor pls, he said.. there is no one there.. so we got off on the 1st floor (one thing i didnt understand, why did take this guy's word at face value.. why not others, esp receptionist since she meets these ppl day in day out.. if anyone should know, she should know) ...

So we called the client again... he said where are you????? We are here at your churchgate office.. He said butI sit at the Andheri office!!!!!!!!!!! Well.... well.....well.. we didnt know there was an andheri office that all this it was already 4.45.. so we went , met someone else we knew there.. and then came back to office.. total kela.. or DDP(dhadadhad popat).. or OTS DDP (on the spot DDP).....

So some days do turn out like this... siiiiiiiiiiiiggh (i thought if i put a lot of i's and g's, it could signify the long sigh)...but tom will be a better day.. hopefully..will at least get to meet the ppl we go to meet... so we are going to andheri again tom.. and then again day after for something else.. i hate andheri.. sob sob sob!!!


Scarlett said...

Hahahahaha!! Funny when these things happen. I'm assuming you're in Andheri right now :) I hate Andheri too!!!

Moonshine said...

But tom Andheri is not happening.. what a relief!!!

For those who do not know about Andheri.. its a crowded (an understatement) place in Bombay.. traveling to Andheri even from Andheri itself takes 1 hour!

the-mommie said...

jesus H christ! how the heck do you manage to ge into these situations! really funny! :D

Moonshine said...

Welcome back mommie!!!! :-)

I have always managed to do such things with ease!!!! :-)