Tuesday, August 5, 2008

These tailors!!!! Hmmmph!!!

Exactly what the title suggests......... hmmmmph!!!!

It was awful.. am extremely annoyed.. what is it with alteration.. why dont these tailors take up alteration jobs!!! So irritating, i tell you!

I have an armful of clothes.. a sackful rather.. ok a packetful .. that needs to be altered.. and some of these clothes are new.. i would have hardly worn them once or twice till now. So yesterday (i dont know why) i opened my cupboard, took out all these clothes and decided to get them altered (it might be because i woke up early, got ready early, didnt want to reach office early.. one of those days!! Even then I reached early, and the light went off for 45 mins.. should have understood that very moment, things will not go according to plan).

So off i went with this bagful of clothes. Besides this bag, i had my usual handbag (which is quite huge and heavy because of the stuff i stuff inside it.. even my notebook / umbrella can go inside), my umbrella (dont keep it inside as bag becomes heavy) and my cell. So in the evening yesterday i stopped at this shop.. and it was closed!!!! So i walked back home , tried another shop.. closed again (about 7 mins walk).

So i lugged it all again today.. i thought will finally give it all today -
1) Was planning to leave at 6.. but ended up leaving at 8!! (whenever i decide to leave, something comes up always)
2) Not only i had to carry the clothes packet, i was carrying my handbag, also my office diary for a meeting tomorrow morning (to which i will go directly), some prints for that meeting.. and to top it all, it started raining!!!!!! So had to use my umbrella too!!!
3) Usually the taxi fare in the evening is about 65/-. Even in the worse case doesnt exceed 70. But today it was 75 bucks!! That guy's meter must be fast. I dont have anything against paying 10 bucks more (and i usually pay it too without saying anything).. but you know one of those days when everything starts annoying you!! But anyway i thought, at least will give the clothes to the tailor, my load will be lightened.
4) And the icing on the cake - the tailor (the jackass) refused to take the stuff.. "we dont do alterations on clothes not stitched here".... I was fuming!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, why??? Whats the big deal about alteration??????
5) So i thought there is another tailor near my place .. let me try there.. I went (all this time it was raining continously... my open umbrella, my bag, the packet, my notebook).. and guess what.. that guy too refused to take it... "its season time, and dont have ppl".. argued a little.. but to no avail!!!!!!!!!!
6) Reached home (have to climb 3 floors).. and the phone ringing continuously in my bag!!!! Sheesh!!! just wanted to throw the umbrella out of the window!!!!!!!!

I think tailors are quite important in a woman's life.. or so i have seen , not experienced. In the last 2yrs in Bombay.. gone to the tailor thrice (including today)!!! So usually dont think so much about tailors.. my mom always harps about tailors.. a constant gripe.. where do i get a good tailor.. in delhi my mom used to travel all the way from vikas puri to rajouri garden (only 20 mins i know.. but still)!!!!! I have heard other women also talking about the search for a perfect tailor!!! You can spend a lifetime doing that and still remain unsatisfied!!!
But me.. , i do not worry so much about it (thats because my mom used to get my stuff stitched from delhi.... no wonder she's worried and i am not)!!! I am too lazy to think about tailors... maybe will start buying readymade stuff!!!!
Well anyway, so much for alteration.. will dump clothes.. maybe.. just maybe will give it another shot in Bangalore.


Scarlett said...

Hahaha...u're funny!! I can totally empathize with this life long quest for a good tailor who will give your clothes just the fit that you want...with having to use an umbrella when you're already carrying an armful of stuff...and the phone ringing continuously in your bag when you're trying to climb stairs balancing a million things that you're holding in your hand along with balancing an umbrella. Terrible it is!!

Lakshmy said...

Could imagine that walk with all the stuff:)
Can suggest a tailor in blore ...he he

Arun said...

hahahahaha.. i think i should make it a practice to read your blog in the morning..makes me forget my problems.. lols

Moonshine said...

Well... i am feeling better with these comments... slightly!!!Sniff!!!! But at least i am making you all happy!!

I have decided will get it done in Blr!!!!! But got 2 offers... my colleague's tailor who comes home to collect.. and 2nd at mulund :-)

But i am too .. what should i say.. irritated.. have put all these clothes back in the cupboard .. am not going to take it out all again!!!