Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Travel plans

I am very fond of traveling.. but if you ask me where all i have been.. i would be able to count it all on my fingers.. During school years, the vacations would be spent at my paternal grandparents' place in Kerala or my maternal grandparents' place in Jamshedpur. So as a family we have not traveled much except once to Mussorie and once to Trivandrum/Kovalam (my dad used to travel so much because of work that he would insist all the places are the same). Even now that i am married, in the last 2 yrs (me and husband on personal trip) we have been to Chiplun, Mahabaleshwar and London. So i dont know how, but i love traveling but ahvent traveled too much.. rather what fits better is "I love the concept of traveling".

So i watch a lot of shows on Discovery Travel and Living (one of my favourite channels).. And i have also subscribed to the Outlook traveler magazine.. and of course we have already bought the outlook traveler weekend breaks from Bangalore (this despite the fact that we just went to 2 places in last 2 yrs).. i also have bought special places to stay in India, 500 romantic places in India and of course 1000 places to visit before you die, outlook traveler trekking, loney planet etc... at this rate by which we are going, we will not be able to visit even 30 places!!! I devour these books the minute i get them.. and i love to fantasize and dream about these places.. and of course plan about traveling to these places..

But things never go as per plan.. I mean even before i reveal these plans to my husband, they die.. like in the rest of this year.. i will go to Kerala for Onam for a couple of days, then to jaipur/ delhi for a marriage, then again to Kerala with frds!!! The problem also is i am also not very good with being spontaneous about short trips.. as in i like the idea of doing so.. but i dont know if i will be able to.. not getting a place to stay, non hygenic places, food, bathrooms scare me!!! So much as i like the thought.. it just remains a thought!!!

Like currently, rather till today we planning to drive to Bangalore.. but today trashed that idea. But i am hoping, really hoping, that we genuinely travel (once we get to Bangalore i.e.).. to places .. i want to go to Coorg.. Kodaikanal.. Valley of flowers.. Auli... etc etc etc.. In my personal diary (ahem), i have also made a huge list of the places that i want to go to.. sadly havent had the satisfaction of crossing out much from there ... I really envy ppl who just decide on the spot.. "lets go" and they go too!!!!!!!!!


Scarlett said...

Chiplun...Mahabaleshwar...London!!! What a portfolio!!! LOL :)
Talking about spontaneous, my ex-roommate & I have made quite a few spontaneous trips...like this one time we woke up on a Saturday morning & said "Let's go to Matheran!"..and we went & stayed the weekend!! It was a blast!!! Another time we hopped onto the local train & went to Borivali...coz we had never been there. We went there, shopped & came back. LOL

Moonshine said...

I have never made a spontaneous "out of city limit" trip!!!

ACtually Borivalli is as good as out of town only. And that day when we all went to vasai, it was as if we went to some other city!!!!