Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sweet success .. ahem

Well, the party was a huge success.. or so i think!! Actually it was.. when i think back to all that we did yesterday, i guess everyone enjoyed.. and that too without much drinking!

So to ease your minds first (thanks everyone for the suggestions though).. the menu was something like this -
1) Alu tikki - i made the dough/batter/masala and got cook aunty (thats what i call the aunty who comes over to cook) to make tikkis using breadcrumbs.
2) Bhel Puri - Veg / Jain - I made
3) Pakodas - Cauliflower / Onions - Aunty made
4) Chicken nuggets - I fried.. :-)

The main course included -
1) Pasta in white sauce - Thanks knife for the help! I tried it the same way.. turned out quite well.. or so i have been told!!!
2) Egg bhurji and bread - made by my colleague

So, lots of food... and we had loads of fun of course... we played a game wherein a situation is given to someone eg - "you are a piece of cloth hanging on the clothes line and its windy"... the person's team members are not aware of this .. the person has to enact the role he has been given (in the case, the cloth).. he cannot act out the situation like Dumb Charades.. so the other team members need to understand the situation and barge in on this skit playing roles in the situation that they understood.. in this scenario, one person could be air, one could be the clothes line and one could be a stone in the garden or a tree etc !!!! Try this game... the results are hilarious!!!!!!!!!! We had a great rocking time doing all this.. the situations given as simple as.. going to the loo when stomach is upset... to Joker in the Dark Knight.....right upto a horny ox!!!!!! It went from good.. to bad.. to worse!!! But was hilarious.. a laugh riot!!

All of us have a lot of videos of all this!!! Maybe, someday i will post it!!!

Also had dinner at a colleague's place.. authentic punju food... the starters were - monita (canopies), corn, paneer tikka, alu rolls. Main included cholle, tava pulav, kachori, mix veg, dehi vada. And deserts were malpua, rabadi and icecream.. By the time we reached the deserts, i was about to burst!!!!!!!!!!!! Finger licking, lip smacking food!!! Having such authentic punju food in Bombay for the first time!!! :-) Brilliant.. extraordinary...


The knife said...

congrats onyour party. throwing a good party is tough. and your's sounds q elaborate. glad the pasta worked out. i was psyched that i forgot that the sauce needs to be boild and then simmered. but i guess your insticts helped you sail

The knife said...

forgot 'to mention'

Moonshine said...

the first party i threw.. we ordered biriyani and got drunk!!! :-)

Thanks a lot for the pasta recipe..i dont remember if i boiled it.. i think i was unsure so put it on the gas for about 5 mins extra..but in any case it was a big hit.. the entire dish was polished off in no time!!!!

The knife said...

boiling 5min extra would make it nice and thick. most of my parties used to be for my group in my last office. most were teetotallers and my wife wd joke about how they would sitquitely and sip juice. i did cook some Bong dishes once when another couple came. otherwise i stuck to the biryani and kebab routine. once though there was a guy who did get a bit high and introduced me to my wife when she came home. here's to more parties at blr

Moonshine said...