Friday, August 29, 2008

Last day at work in Mumbai

Today was an extremely hectic... a morning meeting.. got back to work at lunch.. and since it was my last day... we all went out for lunch .. ate a lot.. came back at 3.. sat with my boss till 5.. finished everybody's reviews... and then finally at 7 the farewell party (?) started... lost of speeches.. cake cutting.. a frd put a little bit of cake on my face.. no cake smashing happened thankfully!! And then speeches for about an hr at least!!!! And then came the photography session.. lots of snaps in and around my bay!!! And finally got back home!!

Some of my frds came along with me in the cab till dadar.. when they were getting off, then i started feeling so bad!!! Till then we were doing masti, having lots of fun.. doing timepass.. but suddenly in one sec, everything changed.. and i felt.. this is it.. dont know when i will meet all of these guys next!!! I am already missing them all so much!!

Came back home.. to a bare home (the packers had come in today) .. as it was 2 yrs back.. and i am feeling worse.. it looks exactly like the time when we entered the house.. a feeling of dread... and now again its completely empty.. completely empty of our identity.. its only now when i look at this house in this shape i realise the personality, the character we had given to our home!!! And right now its devoid of everything!!

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Meenakshy said...

I liked ur last para so much....its hte people living in a house that makes it a takes on their true...:)