Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fashion faux pas

Today in the morning on breakfast news on NDTV, there was a story about what women have been wearing in the last few years.. what did they wear earlier and what have they graduated to.. and then they devoted about 5 mins to what is called "Nightie ".

It was a very strange news item to be present on breakfast news!!! Why would anybody want to see these fat aunties dressed in nighties parading around... that too early in the morning.. (see its stuck in my mind so much.. i am writing about it 12 hrs later.. mentally traumatic possibly)

I dont have anything against nighties... Nighties are extremely comfortable.. i have worn nighties .. like twice in my entire life!! I dont know why but i dont wear them!!

Anyway, on this channel, they were talking about how nighties have become a rage.. everywhere with women.. they not only wear it in the house but also venture outside wearing the same!! They showed mallu women roaming around wearing them.. and one lady's husband even said.. that his wife wears it even for small functions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like how????????????????????? I am a mallu...and have actually seen it myself.. many many many women wear nighties and roam around.. go to the nearby shops etc.. its so weird.. how can anyone do that???????? But they do.. apparently it is considered to fashionable in Kerala!!! Its like committing fashion suicide!!!

I have been in Delhi all my life.. there, there is a slight variation to this trend... women do wear nighties outside of home.. but team it up with duppattas (god have mercy)!!! Do they think its easier on the eye or what?

Apparently, according to the news channel nighties connote emancipation of women .... basically no need to stick to saris / salwaar kameez etc.. also they were talking about how in movies it always a sign of the vamp (loose women).. and then later even heroines started wearing them!!

I have never seen anything so utterly atrocious!! And to top it all, the news channel was interviewing some store keepers.. who said that in some cities in the west, there are nighties with zippers which are in great demand!!! ROFL!!!

They have really done some thesis on this topic.. how in the world do they come up with such stories??????????Whose brainwave was it? Really!!!


Scarlett said...

ROFL...I can SO identify with this!! Aunties even wait at their kids' bus stops in nighties, worse still they even go to drop their kids at school in nighties!!!!! And sometimes they'll wear a petticoat underneath their nighties. Pray tell me why!!!!!

Meenakshy said...

Well..must be some brainwave the NDTV guys must have had.I totally agree with you on the atrociousness of featuring nighties on breakfast news.But what is so wrong with wearing it at home?Housewives are busier than we think and they might not have the time to change to a salwar/sari just to walk few feet to the busstop to drop the kids.And in the social circle that they live in, every other housewife would be wearing the same thing.It is to outsiders like us this looks inappropirate.I guess the feeling we have about their 'nightie' wearing is ditto of wht tey feel on seeing us wearing sleevless tops/short skirts etc..:)

But claps to the NDTV guys...some serious research....:)

The knife said...

tell me about nighties. they are de rigeur (hope I have got the spelling right) for aunties now be it in my building in yuppie bandra or in Socialist cal. My mom discovered it after a surgery some time back and it is difficult to get her into regular clothes. We introduced my mom in law here to the same from Cal. Now whenever we get them she keeps them for special occassions - New year, "daddy's birthday" (kinky as it sounds)
Re breakfast news...I normally wake up at 1 PM so wouldn't have know if you hadn't told us about it

Moonshine said...

@scarlett - I know.. its terrible.. for people who need to see it outside of home..

Meenakshy - Wearing nighties at home.. no problem! My mom also wears it!! But the question is - how can you wear something that you wear at night / at home anywhere but home!!! Its so personal!!!!!! Do any of us wear our night clothes outside of home?? Which is precisely why they are called night"ies" or nightclothes!!! The social circle bit is true.. i guess.. peer pressure lol!!!

@Knife I think the nightie thing is a generation thing maybe!! DO women in our generation wear nighties? BTW, how do you get to work if you wake up at 1pm?? Are yor a zombie perhaps.. :-)

The knife said...

@yes, quite Zombie like till lunch time and through the day on Mondays