Friday, August 8, 2008

What should i wear?

Tomorrow, we all from work are going for a picnic. A day picnic... to some resort in Vasai.. about 10 of us i think.

Now the thing is, to make this trip even more fun, we were planning to have some theme to it!! We discussed it in the afternoon.. but forgot about it later.. remembered it again at 10pm (some of us were still at work.. yeah i know.. terrible isnt it)! So called up ppl.. and it got decided that we will all wear red.. rather there has to be some red in what you wear.. which ppl can see i.e.!!!

In 2001, had gone to a new year theme party.. as in the theme was not new year.. it was black chamko.. as in we had to wear black shiny clothes.. first had thought will not spend too much on it.. went to linking road and bought stuff.. black top / black trousers.. but didnt like it.. went to globus and bought another one... spent a lot... but it was all in good fun.. everyone was a sport, even the guys!!!

Now i get very confused about to wear when such mandates are there!!! Really!!! It is a very difficult thing.. till evening hadnt even thought what i would wear.. and thinking what would i wear that too tom is out of the question !!!!! Would have worn a pair of jeans and tee!!! But now i am confused.. the perfect statement for this state of mind is "main asmanjas pad gayi hoon"!!!!

The options are clothes, hairband, earrings etc... Now i do have a red top.. but the fitting is an issue.. one of the first tops i bought when i started working (in 2001).. i still fit into it.. but stomach shows!!! So it goes out of the window! Another one a slightly party top but totally red contest there .. if somebody had to pick out a red coloured top then this would be it.. it will win hands down.. and we are going by train which i need to rem when choosing... maybe.. maybe not.. dont know!! Another one with an orangish red collar.. does it classify as red?? And one no means red.. but can stretch.. it is a shade of red after all.... so back to where i started .. what should i wear??? I have a pair of red earrings.. but if i wear it, my clothes need to match... or do they!! And its a very Indian style earrings.. looks better with Indian clothes! Hmmm.. So what do i wear?? My colleague suggested that i can drape a red duppata around my neck.. i do not want to go looking like an imbecile, do i!!!!! So what do i wear?? Maybe if i say this 5 times.. i may hit upon an idea.. or then maybe not!! I think it is already 5 times... or is it... my maths is weak ;)

All my clothes are strewn on my bed.. but tired now.. need to get up early tom morning.. will sleep.. will decide tom morning.. with a fresh mind.. a fresh perspective!!!! :-)


Scarlett said...

So what DID you wear? ;)
I have so many red tops it's not even funny! And which colleague of urs suggested you drape a red dupatta? B?? Pls tell me u didn't!!

Moonshine said...

No, Y!!!! .. was undecided even in the morning.. tryign out stuff..I finally wore some fab india top which is orangish in colour.. wore red earrings!!! :-)