Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Last few posts

Well, the PC will be there till tom before it is packed off!! So even though today i am feeling lazy, i thought i must put in a post coz i will be absent for a few days (hopefully only few)!!

So to continue the "Mumbai story", when i came to Mumbai 2 yrs back, even now i proclaim everytime that i like Delhi better than Mumbai... beter food, more space, wide roads, balconies, parks, and more space, and more space etc etc etc ... but now that i am leaving bombay, i am feeling .. dont know what.. hard to describe.. well, i am not happy at leaving!! definitely not happy... not extremely upset as well.. somewhere oscillating between the two!!!

I have lots of memories associated with this place.... i will i am sure miss a lot of things.. passing by Amitabh Bachchan's house and showing it off to all visitors who land up in Bombay... and of course SRKs house... and trips to pune (in the rain)... and the breakfast at mondys.. at madras cafe.. i know i know.. i have already said all this in my last post!! But still!!

Today had a part of my farewell... part speech.. also got some gifts from my colleagues.. frds actually... extremely rocking group we have at work!! Leaving all of them is sad!!! :(

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