Sunday, September 26, 2010

Some fresh and green pictures... makes you want take a deep breath!!

On way to Calicut from Bangalore a couple of weekends ago -

Pictures taken by me on my Blackberry - these have been taken when driving.. through the window pane!!!!!

Photography and me... why not!!!! :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Excitement galore!!!!

Lots of fun on the cards for me -

1) A weekend trip to Mysore for Dussehra next month- mysore is supposed to be THE place to be for dussehra!!! The palace is all decked up and there is a full palatial procession!

2) Colombo in Oct end - Nov beginning - We just booked the travel tickets before we could change our mind yet again. We are yet to figure out the stay and all!!! I am soo very very excited!!!

3) A dear dear friend is visiting. I havent met her for the last 2.5 years!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am so looking forward to 5 days unadulterated fun & gossip!!!! My list - pubs, karoke, food , movies, Tv at home!!!! Check.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chulbul Pandey hits the Jackpot :Dabangg

Dabangg is awesome - 4 stars at least!!!!!

Apparently meant for the masses .. but cuts across all segments ..

The movie is about the one and only Salman Khan!!! So if you do not like SK.. please do not watch it!!!

I loved him in this role - chulbul pandey - the attitude, the literal puffing up of the chest, the racy dialogues (main tum main itne ched kar doonga, ki confuse ho jaoge..kahan se saas lena hai.. etc etc), the walk, the dance, the stunts, the in your face mooh fat character... everything about him is lovable!!!!!!!!

And Salman Khan fits the bill - he is perfect in this role and I cannot imagine anyone else as Chulbul Pandey!!! No beating around the bush - comes straight to the point!

Any wonder why Salman has so many followers!!! I wish I could meet him once .........

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I like : Honda Jazz commercial & others

I absolutely adore the new Honda Jazz commercial. The first time I watched it... i was waiting all through the ad to figure out whose ad was it!!! And then the next time I watched it.. I was still waiting .. waiting to watch the car spinning and dancing to the wonderful music!!

It has got me totally hooked on!! What I love about it... it takes me back in time...
Running with any thought of stopping.. swinging as high as possible .. boy, does it take me back in time!!! A sense of abandon, freewheeling, unhindered.. the ad is bang on...

It is a beautiful ad - hits right on target. Target being us..people in our age group, us working professionals, DINK, growing responsibilities - dont you just wish you could go to the park and let work and life be!!!!! Why am I not like that.. how i used to be.. the carefree me!!

The music is fantabulous too!! Everytime I channel surf and come across this ad, I stop.

A beautiful ad - will Honda Jazz make me feel free!!! :p

Another one I really like .. the new Airtel DTH ad - take everything with you wherever you go!!

Brilliant execution - Its fun to watch the surd dancers and dhol walas suddenly coming out on the conveyer belt!!!! And the message is crystal clear.
And I just caught the Blackberry on vodafone commercial... how does vodafone do it everytime!!! Everytime!!! Everytime they come up with something or the other new.. earlier it was zoozoos.. and then under power to you, these slice of life kind of ads!!

So blackberry on vodafone commercial.. essentially shows a bunch of suited booted corporates singing the blackberry song.. and as they sing, riff raff (meaning all kinds of people) also join in and start singing.. and it finishes on the note - not just for corporates!!!! Uber cool ad
And one last one I have been meaning to write about - the docomo pay per site ad. I love the muscleman wala ad.. the guy who keeps looking at his doles (hindi word dole) no matter what he does!!! Pay for only the site you go to!!! Amazing idea. Though I did not like the knitting one so much.. it was average

And speaking of ideas - the new Idea ad is annoying!!! It just goes on and on and on and on.. why couldnt they have just shown 2 cultures and left it at that!! Did they have to show 6 people!!!!! And then show all the 6 people trying to live in the city speaking the "other" language!!! And the end is even worse... Abhishek Bachchan saying no language required to communicate!!! Gawwwwwdddd. Have mercy.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Salman Khan, an absolute dude if there ever was one

Dont you just love Salman Khan!!! There is no one like him. I just watched the first teaser of big boss.. he is sooo cool!!!! He will beat the s**t out of the fake contestants!!!

He has the attitude.. doesnt talk much.. does not talk c**p.. wears his attitude like a second skin.. is the most non fake person I have seen on TV!!!

Though I admit I havent seen many of his movies.. but whatever little I have seen of him outside of movies, he is the one!!! Did you know he cycled to his sets somewhere out of Bombay (dont ask me where)... or that he has coffee at the shops near his house at bandstand.. or he randomly takes an auto when stuck about how he fielded this contestant on some reality show when she talked about him and Aishwarya Rai.. etc etc

He is not really bothered about anyone.. it shows in his dance.. or the way he talks.. I wouldnt think he would suffer fools gladly!!! He wears his heart on the sleeve and doesnt hide anything!

And yes I want to watch to watch Dabangg

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Finally the birthday gift

Birthday gift hunting is over!!!! Just like that.. a snap of fingers! Yesterday we went to church street..

Let me start from the beginning.. yesterday, post lunch,I felt like buying myself some stuff from cotton world.. a small price to pay to feel better.. there was a sale and it was empty!! So both of us bought a couple of things.. and then from Barton center we walked over to Blossoms..

Blossoms is an old old old bookshop.. housed over 2 floors.. its been there for ages.. and it has all kinds of books. You ask and you get.. books stacked up right upto the ceiling.. cupboards after cupboards.. 2 people cannot stand side by side to check books.. thats how it is and I absolutely love it!!! If there is any book you cannot find in town.. Blossoms is the place to go to. It has the oldest books possible. Its an absolute thrill.So anyway happy with my book purchases and general browsing.. we walked over the Indian Coffee House..

You know, such places .. places. like Blossoms and Indian Coffee House.. they have this quaint feeling about them... they make you feel warm and cozy and wanted.. the mechanical baristas and the crosswords of the world can never be as charming!! It actually feels magical.. the smell of books.. the peeling paint.. the people who actually know about books / rustle up this delicious omlette and a smoking hot filter coffee!! In fact Blossoms is the place I found this old old version of not so famous PG Wodehouse.. it is like being smack in the middle of a treasure hunt!! And today we went to Koshy's...another one of the stalwart places here in bangalore.. checked table cloth.. sweet servers.. nice simple food, simple people..

Anyway the point I was trying to make.. post an amazing filter coffee, we saw this another shop tucked away in a corner.. hidden with some 1000 bikes parked in front of it... called Hysteria.

What drew me to it.. I caught a glimpse of miniature guitars.. they looked so damned cute.. I had to have a closer look. It is a shop that keeps music paranphelia.. accessories.. tees, belts, framed photographs of elvis, oasis, bob marley etc.. wallpapers.. miniature guitars, drum sets etc..

We walked in and got hooked on.. I bought a tee for myself. Husband was completely enamoured by the frames and the wallpapers.. a tad expensive .. he was going to drop the idea when yours truly stepped in.. I bought him the Jimmi Hendrix framed poster ..

His birthday gift!!!!!!! Phew.