Sunday, September 5, 2010

Finally the birthday gift

Birthday gift hunting is over!!!! Just like that.. a snap of fingers! Yesterday we went to church street..

Let me start from the beginning.. yesterday, post lunch,I felt like buying myself some stuff from cotton world.. a small price to pay to feel better.. there was a sale and it was empty!! So both of us bought a couple of things.. and then from Barton center we walked over to Blossoms..

Blossoms is an old old old bookshop.. housed over 2 floors.. its been there for ages.. and it has all kinds of books. You ask and you get.. books stacked up right upto the ceiling.. cupboards after cupboards.. 2 people cannot stand side by side to check books.. thats how it is and I absolutely love it!!! If there is any book you cannot find in town.. Blossoms is the place to go to. It has the oldest books possible. Its an absolute thrill.So anyway happy with my book purchases and general browsing.. we walked over the Indian Coffee House..

You know, such places .. places. like Blossoms and Indian Coffee House.. they have this quaint feeling about them... they make you feel warm and cozy and wanted.. the mechanical baristas and the crosswords of the world can never be as charming!! It actually feels magical.. the smell of books.. the peeling paint.. the people who actually know about books / rustle up this delicious omlette and a smoking hot filter coffee!! In fact Blossoms is the place I found this old old version of not so famous PG Wodehouse.. it is like being smack in the middle of a treasure hunt!! And today we went to Koshy's...another one of the stalwart places here in bangalore.. checked table cloth.. sweet servers.. nice simple food, simple people..

Anyway the point I was trying to make.. post an amazing filter coffee, we saw this another shop tucked away in a corner.. hidden with some 1000 bikes parked in front of it... called Hysteria.

What drew me to it.. I caught a glimpse of miniature guitars.. they looked so damned cute.. I had to have a closer look. It is a shop that keeps music paranphelia.. accessories.. tees, belts, framed photographs of elvis, oasis, bob marley etc.. wallpapers.. miniature guitars, drum sets etc..

We walked in and got hooked on.. I bought a tee for myself. Husband was completely enamoured by the frames and the wallpapers.. a tad expensive .. he was going to drop the idea when yours truly stepped in.. I bought him the Jimmi Hendrix framed poster ..

His birthday gift!!!!!!! Phew.


mêlée said...

:) congratulations on finishing off the gigantic task.
I enjoyed so much reading all the gift ideas :))

arvind said...

ho my god..
u missed the guitar..
ur life become so musical and romantic with that..

but u enjoyed all those small joys of the life..

the wears, the books, the eats and the music..

convey my - Happy b'day wishes - to him..

Scarlett said...

Congratulations. But I hope you still implement Mommie's idea :D

the-mommie said...

good choice!

the book shop i remember most is the one at priya.... but i can't remember its name for the life of me! u know that hole in the wall place which was also completely stuffed silly with no place to step.

Moonshine said...

@melee gigantic!!! U bet.. actually i just leaped at the idea.. something he wanted and I could buy!!! Else is difficult ..choosing something!!

@Scarlett hehehehe

@mommie I remember the bookstore at priya!!!! We used to go there very often!!!! Actually it was more a footpath thing.. with books lined up vertically.. right?

the-mommie said...

no not the footpath chap with the M&Bs. There was a tiny shop - narrow and rectangular in shape. I'm sure P will remember the name. I'll ask him n tell you. Just can't recall the name of the store.... so annoying!

Moonshine said...

which is this hole in the wall thing.. why cannot i remember!!!!!

the-mommie said...

got it! its called Fact & Fiction!

Anonymous said...

I love blossoms too! :) Though havent been there in ages :( and where is this hysteria place??