Monday, September 26, 2011

News is out

Oh well! What the heck.

I am 4 mths pregnant. I didnt blog earlier.. I cannot believe I did not!! Usually whatever I am experiencing, I post online. And a change as big!!! I didnt post it!! Whats wrong with me.

Its the hormones. So its been 4 months. Initially, it caused a big upheaval in my life.. our plans.. our neatly mapped out plans.As it always happens, it was unplanned. With everyone sitting on my head, we had planned or thought of planning for next year. But then ... Hmmmm.. And I guess, right now, we are left with no choice.. pretty much!!

So initially, I was completely off track. Now its been 4 months and I have kind of come to terms with it. I am not thinking of next year - what will we ever do!! But am taking each day as it comes.

And yes I had nausea, thankfully only for 10 days!! And then it passed.

And I am hormonal even now.. I break down at the slightest thing, fly into a temper very quickly!!! Am I excited? Am not sure. I am more"used to it" now!!

I also did not blog about it - as my parents had this "dont tell anyone yet" thing. So only the immediate family and close friends knew.

Day after tomorrow, we have this big conference where everyone will come to know about me.. and it is only right to put it up on my blog first!! :)

And I have started showing. Usually people dont show so quickly.. but I am showing already. Everything is happening too fast and too quick. While I did say am used to it, am wondering, am I?

It is exciting at times.. the future discussions with A.The excitement of your parents and near ones!

But the changes one needs to cope with, frustrates the hell out of me at times. The constant need to eat, people trying to stuff you up always, the everyday food , the frustration of eating the same things over and over again..the same spinach.. the same anaar.. and every 2 hours....I fight with everyone a lot on this. I want to slap people when they keep saying, eat this more, eat that more.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The exhaustion I can deal with. It is the nagging I cant.. and the changes (both mental and physical).

This post is haywire... just like me and my hormones!!!

But hey guys, welcome to my current world ! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A long long time ago..

I posted!!

My blog is going into a limbo. This is just a revival , shake me up post.. to cure me of my laziness and wake me up into posting more often.

The thing is my personal machine has conked off. The battery discharges very quickly. And I usually do not post in one sitting. I do a lot of timepass when writing. So am now discouraged. Also A refused to plug in the cord in the living room. I hate sitting in the other room and posting.. its in one corner and usually am alone. So I dont like being in that corner when I am alone in the evenings. And that deserves another post. I have to be in the living room, watching TV or doing other various things!!

Well, one could argue, I could plug in the cord myself.. I did do it a few days. But A painstakingly takes it out everyday and plugs it in the other room. I hate it!!

Plugging in the cord in the living room requires you to know the basics of gymnastics!! Really. I am not joking. And thats why I have stopped attempting it now.

I do have an office laptop.. but I work on it!!! I cannot bring myself to post using the same laptop that I have been sitting in front of the entire day. And of course, I am tempted to check my office mail.

But today, I have defied convention and posted using my other laptop.

And that is my excuse. What is yours : Scarlett, Mommie, Nothing really, Being Sunni, Moony...