Monday, September 26, 2011

News is out

Oh well! What the heck.

I am 4 mths pregnant. I didnt blog earlier.. I cannot believe I did not!! Usually whatever I am experiencing, I post online. And a change as big!!! I didnt post it!! Whats wrong with me.

Its the hormones. So its been 4 months. Initially, it caused a big upheaval in my life.. our plans.. our neatly mapped out plans.As it always happens, it was unplanned. With everyone sitting on my head, we had planned or thought of planning for next year. But then ... Hmmmm.. And I guess, right now, we are left with no choice.. pretty much!!

So initially, I was completely off track. Now its been 4 months and I have kind of come to terms with it. I am not thinking of next year - what will we ever do!! But am taking each day as it comes.

And yes I had nausea, thankfully only for 10 days!! And then it passed.

And I am hormonal even now.. I break down at the slightest thing, fly into a temper very quickly!!! Am I excited? Am not sure. I am more"used to it" now!!

I also did not blog about it - as my parents had this "dont tell anyone yet" thing. So only the immediate family and close friends knew.

Day after tomorrow, we have this big conference where everyone will come to know about me.. and it is only right to put it up on my blog first!! :)

And I have started showing. Usually people dont show so quickly.. but I am showing already. Everything is happening too fast and too quick. While I did say am used to it, am wondering, am I?

It is exciting at times.. the future discussions with A.The excitement of your parents and near ones!

But the changes one needs to cope with, frustrates the hell out of me at times. The constant need to eat, people trying to stuff you up always, the everyday food , the frustration of eating the same things over and over again..the same spinach.. the same anaar.. and every 2 hours....I fight with everyone a lot on this. I want to slap people when they keep saying, eat this more, eat that more.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The exhaustion I can deal with. It is the nagging I cant.. and the changes (both mental and physical).

This post is haywire... just like me and my hormones!!!

But hey guys, welcome to my current world ! :)


mêlée said...

congratulations :) :)
take care

Scarlett said...


Tamanna said...

OMG! Everyone around me is pregnant. I am so glad my mom doesn't read blogs :P

Congratulations, babe! Unplanned or not, I am sure this is going to be one hell of a journey. Enjoy the ride! :)

Gobri said...

Fantastic news. Congratulations. If you are 4 months in, then Feb should be the month. Nice.
You take care and congratulations again :)

Shruti said...

Congratulations! Take care!

the-mommie said...

:) muah.

I hear you lady. The nagging doesn't get any better but you learn to tune it out in time. SO there's hope yet!! :D

And Enjoy it while it lasts. All that attention will shift away very quickly once the baby arrives. ;)

the-mommie said...

btw, it starts getting a little more entertaining once u can talk to people about it!! each person has a different reaction. even though they're all gushy about it, you'll be able to tell. n then the story exchanges that happen.....! have fun with it!

Moonshine said...

@melee Thanks!

@Scarlett :D

@Tamanna For some reason, I am not meeting any of them.. where are all the pregnant women... would want to exchange notes!!! :) And thanks

@Gobri Thanks! Its early March as of now.. but yeah Feb is more probable. I was expecting a very different reaction from you considering our old "conversations"!!!

@Shruti Thanks! :)

@mommie I really need to learn the tuning out business. As of now I get pissed and react to everything. I fly off the handle and A is the recepient most of the times! Attention shift.. am really worried about!! Seriously!!

And please tell me when does my skin glow etc... when do I get to experience the "good things"!!!

the-mommie said...

lol! no sane adult is ever going to compare with the cuteness factor of a new born infant - bawling or not! so zero hope thr.

n the glowing bit is all coming up. mind you those are intermittent days. mostly, i just remember feeling bloated and fed up with it all. some days being better than others. didn't i just make ur day! :D

patience, one very useful trait u'll acquire loads of through the whole process.

Scarlett said...

All the pregnant women are over at my office. They're all past their 6th months and I get to hear wonderful stories of bloating, indigestion, breathing problems, feet swelling up etc. And they're all fed up with it and think 9 months is unnecessarily long :)

Bluestocking said...

Hey moonshine....many congratulations :-) ...hope you are one of those blessed ones who do not have difficult pregnancies...take care

Moonshine said...

@mommie I am still waiting. Some people at a conference today did say I was glowing.. I dont feel it yet!! :)

And if I run out of patience now.. I have no idea what I will do later!!!

@Scarlett 9 mths may not be that long.. at least for people like me.. What with my thoughts on maternity! :) Gives me time to get used to it.

@Bluestocking Thanks!! I hope so too :)

Moony said...

Wow.. congratulations for the to-be mom! :)

Moonshine said...

@moony Thanks!