Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chulbul Pandey hits the Jackpot :Dabangg

Dabangg is awesome - 4 stars at least!!!!!

Apparently meant for the masses .. but cuts across all segments ..

The movie is about the one and only Salman Khan!!! So if you do not like SK.. please do not watch it!!!

I loved him in this role - chulbul pandey - the attitude, the literal puffing up of the chest, the racy dialogues (main tum main itne ched kar doonga, ki confuse ho jaoge..kahan se saas lena hai.. etc etc), the walk, the dance, the stunts, the in your face mooh fat character... everything about him is lovable!!!!!!!!

And Salman Khan fits the bill - he is perfect in this role and I cannot imagine anyone else as Chulbul Pandey!!! No beating around the bush - comes straight to the point!

Any wonder why Salman has so many followers!!! I wish I could meet him once .........


Scarlett said...

You're right...people who don't like Salman Khan won't like the movie. 'A' hated it.

Apparently, they've already announced the sequel to Dabangg. It'll be called 'Chulbul Pandey', I think.

Moonshine said...

I already feel like watching it!!!!!!!!!!!!!