Monday, August 30, 2010

Creative romantic suggestions required

August is almost over and I have posted only 4 times!! How shameful - and this is something I really like doing!!!! What a waste

Ok so now to the topic at hand... I need help.

A's birthday is round the corner - and as usual I am flummoxed. I dont know what to get for him - he is allergic to perfumes, doesnt wear a watch.. wears only certain colours of shirts (white, blue, grey and I have no interest in buying these)... I have already got him a fountain pen .. and wine + dinner at home.. and a handwritten letter... ho hum!!! As you can see I am running out of options.

I want to make this an inexpensive but memorable exercise.. so personal touches are a must :)

Suggestions guys!!!!


arvind said...

buy a book for him - as he likes (don't consult him - choice is urs)..
and buy a card and send it to him (to his office address; if u not want to embrace - house address..)
a surprise bunch of flowers..

really this is more than enough..

mêlée said...

yes ..BOOKS :)
and to make it a little special, try buying a set (lets say 10) of different genres...travelogue, suspense, non-fiction etc etc. he might like at least one of those :)
have fun!
though I would just buy seem to never have enough socks :D

Anonymous said...

Paint him a's easy and fun..and he will love the effort..

the-mommie said...

i like the idea of socks (!) and the painted t-shirt too. might even steal it for my own gift ideas for next yr! :)

other than that, u cld try smthg interestingly scandalous - if u haven't already that is! :D

Gobri said...

If you have enough time, you can write to all people close to him (relatives, friends etc) and ask them to write something about him and pass any pictures they might have of them together.
You can collect all this and put together a sort of a scrap book.

Scarlett said...

One of my ideas has already been mentioned by Gobri. Get people who're close to him to write something about him/share an anecdote, along w/ a picture. Take print outs & make him a collage. Get it framed.

My second idea is to buy him multiple gifts, hide them in different corners of the house & send him on a treasure hunt! And if he takes more than a minute to find a gift, he loses an item of clothing!!! Oh, what fun!!! You should totally do this.

Moonshine said...

@Arvind Books is a good idea.

@melee Set is an even better one!!! Maybe James Bond DVD set!! Or calvin & Hobbes full set...

@Anon where / how do i get this done.. that would be fun for sure!!! :)

@mommie interesting and scandalous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha.. what did you have in mind.. sms me ;)

@Gobri Thats a huge amount of effort.. in terms of time.. I have about 1 week!!! But no reason why I cant do this!!!!!!! Maybe I should only write stuff...

@Scarlett COllage crossed my mind but time is a limitation!!! And I was planning to pick up various things and write notes and leave it / hide it at various places in the house!! I have time too as he usually reaches late!!! Actually i can look at a combination of all things you guys mentioned and hide it!!! That will be fun.. the clothes off bit.. ah haaaa

the-mommie said...

email on the way!

btw, u can do the t-shirt yourself! just get a nice plain t-shirt, some funky coloured fabric paint and go nuts with it - get ur creative juices flowing!

The knife said...

Scarlett: Went through that when I was 29 or so. Bad idea. Was pissed towards the end.


I got something for my farewell from work which was nice - spa coupons

Scarlett said...

@The Knife - I meant it in a different way! Does no one understand what I meant?? :(

Moonshine said...

@mommie I am scandalised, to the say the least!!!!!!!!!!! Reply on way... you know A.. he is very particular about what he wears.. so its mainly plain tees!!!!

@Knife why were you pissed couldnt find the gifts? lol. Spa coupons is a good idea!!! Yeah.. actually i can arrange it too.. he works from noon till late night.. and there is a hotel spa nearby!!!!

@Scarlett yes i understand!!!! :) Tell me, have you tried it yourself? lol.