Sunday, August 15, 2010

A letter to myself on Independence day

Who cares if you are depressed, unhappy, restless, frustrated ... friends and family care.. but they will do so only upto a point.. then they will also start steering clear of you!!! STOP CRIBBING, STOP WHINING.

Take your life in your hands .... snap out of it. You are what you choose to be.. and hopefully you will not choose to be the "forever complaining" b***h..

Do .. do not talk. After all, life is passing by... spend it enjoying, savouring moments.. rather than stewing, rotting with worry. There are things bigger than your stupid work worries that people are battling.. Get a perspective!!!

Free yourself.. This time.. the power of battling with your own thoughts.. and coming up on top.. and giving yourself freedom.. lies with you!!

Happy Independence Day everyone!! :)


arvind said...

how sweet..

how to care after a certain point - is the answer of TANTRA..

enjoy the day..

The knife said...

Hmmm as Robert De Niro said in the Taxi Driver, "you talkin to me?"

Good one :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - You're talkin' to me too! :)

Or should that be a :(

Either way, I hear ya. And I'd like to believe that your family & some friends will never abandon you. Thank God for that.

Moonshine said...

@Arvind Thanks

@Knife Me talking to many of us I think!!! :) Today I did stick to my resolution of non - crabby behaviour!!!!! :) Things for some reason, I felt would be better on your side?

@Scarlett Yeah.. Family and friends would not abandon you.. though there is a tendency to spread the misery!!!! So instead, spreading light and cheer is the way .. a la bertie wooster.. what is the worst that can happen!!!! Lets get a life Scarlett!!!

mêlée said...

nice one :) especially 'getting a life' part.

Moonshine said...

@melee as you can see, I am not succeeding!!!! :)