Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Onam feast at home : a bit too much

A bit too much is for all the cooking that I did on Monday!!

I was very enthu ...Monday being an off!!! My onam dishes have been progressively decreasing since the last 4 years - what started as 4-5 dishes came down to 1 last year!!! Of course as compared to the usual 10-15 dishes that true mallus usually prepare, this is but a drop in the ocean.

So this year, since I had an off and I made my husband also take an off - I was enthu - wanting to prepare the traditional mallu feast!!!

So I started on Saturday with one chutney like thing - husband spilled half the thing on the stove while cooking sunday dinner - and then I forgot to take it off the stove - so finally there was like some 2 teaspoons of the chutney there. This should have told me - something is not going right and I should stop.

But I never learn do I - So I prepared everything - thankfully not many incidents happened - it went off smoothly except for the kheer / payasam.. forgot that on the stove too.. all the milk evaporated and I was left with a congealed mass of sweet rice which hubby ate with great gusto!!!!!

I was totally exhausted at the end of it all!! And being in the kitchen for so long cooking everything- I felt everything tasted the same!!!!

So my menu for the day (besides rice)-
1) Sambaar
2) Beans toran - basically fried beans with coconut
3) Erissery - A very mild thick gravy made with red pumpkin and kidney beans / lobhiya (small ones) and coconut
4) Pachadi - Again mild thick gravy ; can be made using pumpkin or cucmber or carrot or beetroot etc..
5) Puli-inji - tamarind(puli) and ginger chutney
6) Lemon pickle - lemon and green chilly pickle (on monday tasted bitter, now tastes absolutey fine.. yum actually!!!)
7) Kheer / payasam - milk based
8) Can I say Papadam too and make it dish no 8?

Phew!!! Yes, thats a lot of stuff. No wonder am still tired.

But I am proud of myself - standing on my own 2 little feet!!!! A pat for myself on my back!!! :)


mêlée said...

wow thats a lot of dishes and sounds so yumm.
happy onam :)
here we had some quasi-mallu fest in the mess, I didnt know the names of gorged on everything...

arvind said...

we too enjoyed the meals - by reading..

in fact, pappad is the toughest to prepare!!

the-mommie said...

totally yummy-tummy! those are some advanced dishes dude! i'm super impressed! btw, u have to give me the puli-inji recipe u use!

incidentally, my sambar turned out decently as well. considering it was my very first true attempt, i was quite pleased.

Scarlett said...

It was your Happy New Year and you had a vegetarian feast? Where was the Malabar chicken/fish? :)

BTW, I want the recipe for the yummilicious tomato chutney your dad makes. Give give!

Moonshine said...

@melee Thanks. Yes, thats a lot of food!!! :) Mallu food is good.. i think its an acquired taste.. rather you have to have such a palatte.. that makes you try things!!! Mallu stuff at mess- was it good?

@Mommie As your/ my mom would tell you, these are hardly advanced dishes!!! Very simle to make...Actually what would be an advanced mallu dish? Puli Inji recipe - In oil, fry red chilly, kari patta, add finely chopped ginger / grren chillies till slightly brown.. in goes the tamarind water..and then salt / haldi/ sugar..and finally fried ground sabut has to become condensed.

@Scarlett Sadly, for any special occasion we dont have non veg.. btw our new year was in april.. Tomato chutney.. have i written in one of my blogs? Cant remember the recipe either.. will give it some thought and tell you...