Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slim, Swim, dance and everything....

My version of Eat, Pray, Love!! :)

As you can see.. what do I need to with my life -
a) Be committed to healthy lifestyle - that could be exercise or eating out less (2nd is what am doing) .. first one.. um.. ahh.. I will start.. soon!!!!
b) Swim - I have been wanting to learn how to swim since ages.. and no matter what I will.. this year!!
c) I need to fix my transport problem - either buy and learn how to ride a scooter... OR buy a car!!!! This one thing which will help me.. to be independent.. to go or do whatever i want to do!
d) Dance... why not!
e) Play - like sports!!!!
f) Travel
g) The most important - take leave from work!!!!!!

Enough things for me to target - to do things for myself!!!
So I watched Peepli Live over the weekend. 4.5 stars from my end.
And amazing movie.. it is a satire .. villagers actually like they belong to a village instead of some made up village belles like they show in every other movie.. very real..

The story revolves around Natha who unwittingly declares that he will committ suicide.. he doesnt want to but he is talked into it! What is the funny is that this person around whom the entire story revolves - is the quietest through the movie. A very sweet cute guy - breaks into a song and a jig right in the middle of all issues, all problems on their head.. a person who is interested in the boiled eggs people are eating while his brother is begging the local politician to help them out..

So then the entire movie is about.. this piece of news which gets picked up by the national channels - the caricatures of the news anchors is ultimate - so you will see a Deepak Chaurasia and a Barkha Dutt feel alikes in this movie!!! The sensationalisation of news revealed completely !! Sample this - the hindi news channel (obviously aaj tak) comes to know that Saif Ali Khan had kissed a girl when he was 12!!! They get the teacher and the girl's interview and this news is named : 12 saal ka chumbhan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They really nailed the sensationalism part really well!!! The interview with the multiple people - whether relevant, totally irrelevant....And to top that all the politicians... the plans to introduce Natha card without funds (that ministry's job is to announce only.. who cares about funds in any case)..

We all know this happens.. and no one is a whit surprised.. It is a brilliant movie.. a must must watch!!!!! I know I havent done justice to this movie review!!! But just take my word for it - Watch IT!!!!!!

Whats with the horrible chloromint ad ..the one with Salman Khan and many cows... how gross!!!! Yuck yuck yuck!!!!What were they thinking!!!


arvind said...

target: nvr target anything..
just make it as passion..

scooter is easy..
just try..
its so easy..
but need passion..

The knife said...

I watched peepli Live. really Liked it. Finally a world class Hindi Film.

Exercised yesterday and today so followed some parts of your list :)

Scarlett said...

@Moonshine - My version of 'Eat, Pray, Love' would be 'Exercise, Drive, Be Happy'. I think I'll do a post on it too. I'm extremely irregular w/ my gym schedule. Need to fix it. NOW.

I really liked Peepli Live but the theater was mostly empty. Sad commentary on the movie going audience of Indian metros.

Moonshine said...

@knife it is isnt it!!! The funny thing is so many people have asked me if it is depressing... an Indian topical movie = depression!!!

Yeah? You did follow some parts? I am ashamed to say I havent done a single thing!! Though I am consciously trying to crib less!!!

@Scarlett Good!!! Maybe we should motivate each other :)) When i went for Peepli Live, the theatre was full.. many people must be waiting to hear about the movie!!!

mêlée said...

wow now thats a super dooper plan is what I call :) not tough on yourself yet easy and nice!
scooter is fun but not in Bangalore traffic :(

Moonshine said...

Hey melee... these are tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

arvind said...

just started jogging again..
and bought a cute basket ball..

love to play..

moonstruckbabblings said...

pretty interesting list.. you should check off a couple atleast for this year.. Go Girl Go! :)

Moonshine said...

@moony Havent yet managed to do strike out a single one!!!