Monday, August 9, 2010

From Screen 1 to Screen 2 : Aisha to Once upon a time..

So I am going to make this a quick post.. or this is what I think I will do.. will come to know at the end of this post.

First was Aisha. I liked it. It is based on a book I really like - Emma. The first half is fun.. Sonam is good - aptly irritating in her matchmaking ways .. saccharine sweet.. irritating and cloying.. living in her rosy world.. I wish I could live in such a world.. rich..going off wherever at a whim.. oh well .. siggggghhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway, Abhay Deol is good.. I really really really like him!! How can one not! The suave.. sexy.. oh I really like him!!!

Cyrus Sahukar is a typical delhite.. and I was taken right back to the Delhi neighbourhood I grew up in.."you are mental.. dimaag kharaab ho gaya hai etc!!! You have to hear it to believe it!! I loved it.

The new boy - I dont know who he is.. whoever..Dhruv his name is in the movie.. he is dishy!! What I liked is there is no grey.. its just very regular life - he does not feel sorry for kissing another girl.. he is very matter of fact...shrugs and says hey you didnt show any interest in me..

Its reflective of regular life.. I liked it. I liked the "girl friends" too.. the rude hip Pinky Bose.. and the typical sadi dilli chic shefali!!!

However.. the second half bores you to tears!!!! And even though the movie is not very long.. you are just wondering when is it all going to end!!!!!!!!!! But I found it refreshing!! It was!!! 3/5 I think - I wished my "girl" friends were around me when watching it!!

Once upon a time in Mumbai - I loved it. 4 stars for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ajay Devgun (gn rather.. thats how he spells it now).. the deep..intense. brooding eyes.. the flick of cigarette.. God, he has style!!!!!!!!!!! Emraan Hashmi tries to emulate him in the movie as his chela .. and rightly so..

So the movie is about the intensely charismatic Sultan Mirza.. a smuggler who draws a line at smuggling drugs /other unethical stuff.. a smuggler whose heart is in the right place.. but he is not weak.. a strong willed guy!!! Any woman would just swoooooooooooooooooooon for him!!! I did.

And then comes Emraan Hashmi.. he was good too.. a little overshadowed by Ajay Devgn.. but good. I loved the way his character builds up.. from a child to an adult.. I think the director was really able to bring out his personality right from his childhood.. his negotiation with the TT.. his need to move up in life quickly..

I think I have never said this and as a third party looking at myself wonderingly when I say this,I am surprised at myself.. Kangana Ranaut was fantastic!!!! She was awesome as Sultan Mirza's lover - the right amount of attitude - I am a star.. the thought which doesnt change even when no one is casting her...Usually, in hindi movies, the heroine becomes one slave post falling for the hero... who is trampled upon always..a rather insignificant being whose only job thereafter is to romance teh hero and sing songs.. nothing of character to the character..

But this character is not like that!!! She has her own style.. her own place in the movie and in his life and as a star.. which does not waver, thankfully. She has loads of attitude and grace as a diva. I think she was brilliant.. very different from her usual shrieking self. I am reminded of Manish Koirala in Company - she was also great as the gangsters moll- a face in the background with a forever bored expression on her face with the happenings around her.. yes, thats how I recall her!

Prachi Desai was there .. she doesnt have a very heavy role. Nothing much to talk about. She was quite ok.. nice..

And the surprise package - Randeep Hooda!!!! He was phenomenal as the no nonsense cop. He looks dashing - just right to play the role. A very very real cop...

What I also like about the movie is the absence of blood and gore - Thank god!! I think that made the movie really appealing.. at least to me.

The background music that plays whenever they show Emraan Hashmi was fantastic... I am looking to see if I can get it from somewhere!!! Sugegstions please?

I loved it - it just finished abruptly when you are least expecting it - and once it gets over, you actually marvel at the director's ability to be able do that!!!

Yes.. the movie was good...more than good in fact... I am surprised - never thought Ekta Kapoor could come up with something like this.

A must must watch - 4/5 for me.


Scarlett said...

The "dishy" guy from Aisha is Arunoday Singh, Arjun Singh's grandson. You liked him?

Moonshine said...

He is Arjun Singh's grandson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really?????? Very different looking as compared to any of our actors.. non actor y type of look!!!

the-mommie said...

totally loved Once upon ..... Ajay devgan was good as always. these roles suit him well. but i was plesantly surprised by emraan hashmi! his character was developed really well and his acting was understated which was good also...

waiting for a chance to catch aisha now!

Moonshine said...

@Mommie Ajay Devgn is really good in such roles.. actually all his memorable roles are such only.. Gangajal, company, Omkara.. I too liked Emraan Hashmi.. actually i havent watched any of his movies except Murder (which i cannot remember)...

arvind said...

too much cinema?

enjoy some dances, orchestra, speech or some art..

a flower is having lot of pedals..