Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sridevi in her blue chiffon sari - Mr India of course

2 posts in one day... but I just had to write this!!

Mr India is on air.. I just switched on the TV and landed on this channel.. right when the song "I love you" was to start!!
This song gives goosepimples to anyone listening. And while watching too. And its all due to Sridevi and of course Kishore Kumar who sang it. This incredibly romantic, sexy, lusty, gooey, caramely , chocolaty, velvety song can melt the strongest of hearts.

I usually do not like Sridevi.. I find her irritating in all the roles she did.. but this song!!! Oh man!!!! This was purely her song.. totally her song. Do a quick poll.. Ask for the first association with this song.. and the result would be - Sridevi in her blue chiffon sari!!! She looks hot.... she was miles, ages ahead of Madhuri Dixit in Dhak Dhak. Anyday, anytime Sridevi would win hands down.... without any suggestive or crass movements (unlike the Dhak Dhak song).. she managed to convey everything there was to convey (:)) so beautifully.

Even as a woman, my eyes were riveted to her... sridevi ...swaying lilting to the beautiful music.. Am sure it would have been tough.. dancing sexily without having a man around to help matters along. Think about it... ..hmmmm.. yeah..... tough... I wonder what she thought about when doing this song.. definitely not Anil Kapoor!!!!

She probably had every man wishing she was dancing for them.. staring with their tongues hanging out..ready to jump off a cliff at a mere glimpse of her..

I remember seeing Mr India when I was a child.. I loved it for the laughs.. We used to like the song even then.. were very embarrassed about it.. even to sing it! The taboo words "I love you" .. probably thats what enthralled us then..

Of course Anil Kapoor added nothing to the song.. except make you feel why this clod.. Sridevi in her ooommpph avtaar surely deserves better! Ok, I do like Anil Kapoor .. but definitely does not suit a sexy symbol kind of a role.. I wonder who would have fit right in?

How disappointed Seema (aka Sridevi) would have been when Arun (aka Anil Kapoor) says he is Mr India.

Sexy sexy sexy song.... No wonder she ruled the hindi film industry for such a long time.

For all you lecherous men and women (why not).. heres a pic from the (in)famous song...


arvind said...
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arvind said...

the sridevi - me loved most..

Scarlett said...
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Scarlett said...

LOL...this is a really funny post! I used to like Sridevi A LOT back then. Now whenever I watch re-runs of her movies, I cringe. Her voice was very shrill. Still, I do think of her as a diva. Not very many of those around now, are there?

Mr India is one of my all-time favorite Hindi movies. I used to cry as much as laugh whenever I watched it as a kid. My favorite song was 'hawa hawaii' though :)

BTW, I read recently that Boney Kapoor is making a remake of Mr India w/ Sridevi & Anil Kapoor. I don't know how to feel about that!!

the-mommie said...

mt india - the first movie i watched with just my friends! used to be a BIG deal in those days. i went to my friend's place after dance class for a couple of minutes and her mom told us that we could watch a new movie on video - mr. india. naturally, all thought of calling my mom to tell her where i was, never hit me after those few words! they were hysterical! after much calling and search, they finally called my friend's home at around 8 pm and gave me a yelling on the phone first! the maid was dispatched to accompany me and i remember how much she was also scolding me and threatening me with dire consequences when i got home! i still wonder y my friend's mom didn't tell me to call my parents before watching the movie man! a traumatic end to an otherwise fun evening!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Her voice is truly something.. esp the chandni song.. made me want to shut my ears!!! Watch it now scarlett.. your favourite song will change!!!! lol

Is he remaking the movie with them only or new people? I dont think he should remake it.. its amazing the way it is... I think he will ruin it if he makes it again.. like sholay!!

@Mommie pretty traumatic associations with Mr India!!! And knowing your mom, i can imagine!!! lol... were you whacked too? :)

Watch the movie now.. both of you!!! It will be fun.

Moony said...

Heylo! I realised, how much of your posts I missed, I have surfaced now after being buried under piles of work..

Moonshine said...

@moony welcome back!!! You were sorely missed :) Hope things are back normal and you have started blogging again!

arvind said...

a must read post for you..
hmm.. what could me do?
except this.. enjoy..

the-mommie said...

LOL! i'll have to tell my mom about ur "knowing your mom" bit!!

I can't really remember if I got wacked! Probably cause I wasn't, but I really can't remember!. Will have to check back with my mommy!

Moonshine said...

Once both of us were scolded by aunty!!!!!! lol