Saturday, July 31, 2010


I watched it late last night. Usually I do not go out in the night during weekdays.. transport is a big problem.. getting a regular rick that charges regular fare - almost an impossible ask.

So yesterday a colleague and me trooped off to watch Eclipse. We decided that either of our husbands would so not be interested in it .. we just had to watch it together.. we had read all the books and been on and on about it for a long long time.. anyway so we went for 9.45 show after having fixed our transport for the post movie trip back home.

It was a bore. The books were weirdly fascinating. I have no clue why... the movie .. well, I dont know.. it was true to the book.. it was ok.. so maybe I didnt like the book too.. I cannot remember..

Edward... was oh so sweet.. you feel like beating him up. Now Jacob I like. He is a normal human being (except he turns into a wolf) .. but a normal emotional character who talks like people usually do.. unlike edward!!!!!!! Robert Pattison as Edward is unusually white.. his hands looked as if dipped in plaster. For some reason I felt both Bella and Edward to be cloying.. I wish I could slap both of them. How can Jacob like Bella!!!!! They are so.. bleh.. (this colleague has this favourite expression that she uses when explaining her state of mind to me).. yes they are!!!

I prefer Jacob to Edward -
1) Jacob is hot - how can anyone like someone who is permanently cold (as marble, as the book says).. I just wouldnt be able to stand it.. that is the basic reason I would gravitate towards Jacob.. I like warmth.. I love warmth.. I love hot water.. I love hot tea.. I love sun.. I love sunshine.. And Jacob is hot.. literally and figuratively.. though my friend had a good viewpoint.. edward could be in delhi.. you could hug him through the day in may and june and feel fresh as a daisy.. well there are possibilities..hmmmmm...... but I still like Jacob!!!

2) He turns into a wolf - so you either have a hot Jake or a shaggy big loving dog by your side!! Isnt it awesome.
3) He is hot!!! Hotter than Edward

So many reasons to be with Jake!!! And the stupid woman has to go and choose the "cold one". I mean after a person warms you in the freezing cold.. you would think she would have had the realisation.. she is with the wrong guy!!!

The theatre was surprisingly full.. with many a gaggle of girls come to watch their beloved edward!!! What do you know... people in bangalore do have a life!!

A bore movie (I shouldnt have been surprised).. watch it if you are a teen or an adult and would like to goggle at edward.
When we reached the theatre, I discovered.. we were chilled to the bone in the rick.. It had been raining all day..We walked into the mall and immediately went over to a shop to pick up a sweatshirt.. I felt very cool about it.. as in a few years ago, I would have never done it!!!

And here I was now.. thinking I would feel cold through the movie.. and picking up a sweatshirt just for that purpose!!!! I didnt even think twice.....I finally picked up a stole from a nearby shop... Boy, have I changed!!!!

Anyway, while I was picking up the stole.. a girl walked in.. she had a big roach on her back.. somewhere in the neck region.. I told her and literally started swatting her with some cloth I had!!! I had to swat a couple of times .. the roach was moving all around.. uggggghhhhh... gross!

Later on I thought.. she wasnt too bothered.. but it was a flying cockroach for god's sake!!!

Maybe she was ok with me swatting.. but its just that she didnt seem grateful enough.. probably it never occured to her the cockroach could have been crawling on her neck had it not been for us !!!!!! Uggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh ...

She must have thought what whackos.. who are jumping up and down and trying to a hit a total stranger and all because of a roach. Thankfully she did not hit back..

I hate roaches .. find them disgusting.. utterly disgusting...and just cannot stand the sight of a roach!!!

Oh well... my good deed of the day! So what if people are not appreciative.


shruti said...

I was soooo totally bored by the movie too.. Disappointing. You are right about the books being weirdly fascinating and somehow making you want to read the next one - just to figure out what next?

The movie drags so much, i wished it would just end.. And i prefer Jacob too - very spirited :) especially his one- offs with Edward!

Moonshine said...

@Shruti I know.. it was really boring.. and i just wanted it to end!!!! Especially sequences between Bella and Edward... i totally switched off!! Jacob is sweeter, funnier, normal and everything else that Edward is not!!!!!

the-mommie said...

that was a fun(ny) post. :) i haven't read the books but found ALL the movies a dreadful bore! i really couldn't understand what the big hue and cry was about and frankly have an intense dislike for the vampire make-up, which is probably why i cldn't understand the crazi crushes ppl have on robert pattinson. BUT, i have now seen the chap without his painted face and do agree that there is enough yumminess thr! :)

ur shopping expedition reminded me of our multiple trips out in college! specially our that day we spent in CP and the amount of calculation and recalculations one had to consider eat at pizza hut!!! lol! sharp contrast to today's situation eh?

Scarlett said...

I've told you already...I liked the movie, and I was surprised that I did!

It was better than the previous two movies of the series (maybe the book 'Eclipse' was better too?), and definitely much better than movies such as Kites & Raavan that I've been onslaughted (is that a word?) with recently!

The theater was FULL, fuller than what it was for 'Once Upon a Time in Mumbai'!

And guess what Moonshine...after this movie, I like Jacob more too!

Scarlett said...

@the-mommie - Robert Pattinson is quite yummy without make up & Taylor Lautner without his shirt!! Edward is made to look too pasty in the movies & both men had way too much lipstick on!!

Moonshine said...

@Mommie Read the books... you will not be able to put it down.. but let me warn you - the books are as weird.. but somehow fascinating.. probably because of non pasty looking vampires!! :) You do not remember Edward from HP? Cedric Diggory?

Oh yeah.. our expedition to CP.. shopping or not!!! And on the hottest day in Delhi.. our efforts to watch a movie.. and wondering if we had the money to eat at Nirulas... yeah!! We have come a long way :)

@ Scarlett I probably found the other 2 movies also boring!!! lol .. So no comparison there really.. I liked Jacob when i was reading 2nd book itself!! :) It would be so much fun to be carried around by a hot shirtless guy!!!!