Monday, July 12, 2010

In absentia

As usual... no time to breathe!! Thats how it has been.

I didnt realise that left arm plays such an important part in life... we always think right hand is THE hand! Yesterday I realised it was not the case!!

We recently shifted into this house. There is a 9 foot tall cupboard... with about 6 feet of plain glass (a showcase). It was not wedged properly.. and we knew about it. We were waiting for the carpenter to turn up once. But for some reason, yesterday, we decide to put some stuff in our showcase.

While we were doing that, suddenly (there was no wind or anything of the sort), the 6 foot sheet of glass fell.. vertically.. hit my shoulder.. and then hand.. neither broke.. though it did chip the floor a bit ....

More than anything else, it was the shock of it!!!! It was extremely heavy... and in that split second.. I could not / did not move out of the way.. the impact brought tears to my eyes!!!

Well anyway, a swollen / bruised left shoulder.. some bruises on the base of thumb.. Thank god there is no fracture!!!!!!!!!! Like A said.. its a miracle that glass didnt break or it didnt fall on my head or the impact didnt break a bone!!!

Bruises / swelling are a bit irritating though.. its neither here nor there.. and it is an irritating nagging pain that stays with you .. throughout your life (turns up
during monsoons / winters).. I have collected many of these actually!!

Oh well! Right now to deal with a stiff shoulder.. Iodex zindabad...

My mom asked which shoulder... now I know its an irrelevant question..


As an aside.. went to Bombay last week..on the way back, I was running really late .. thought I may miss the flight.. after a bit saw that the flight time 9.05 and not 8.20 as i thought previously.. and then another realisation..the flight I was booked into had departed in the morning at 9.05...

Moral of the story - always check your tickets even if you yourself have booked it (In my case, I had not booked it.. )

While I booked myself into a flight about an hour later.. we all reached the same time!!!

Way back from airport - cab company sent a Tavera as they were short of Indicas! Not only did I travel in comfort... the driver was very sweet. As always is the case.. I asked the driver to play the radio.. He played music and then suggested playing old hindi numbers on his mp3- Kishore / Rafi .. which I established did not have jhankaar beats and in fact were original songs..

Beautiful music.. nothing I like better than listen to old Kishore songs (from Saagar/ blackmail etc) in the night!!! Both me and the driver were the humming the songs .. we both knew the full lyrics... amusing sight am sure!!!


arvind said...

me felt..
both the
and the

take care..

Scarlett said...

Oh God!! Have you been to a doctor? Please do!

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett No i didnt go to a doc.. now its much better, thanks!!! The bruise has turned into this ugly shade of yellow!!!

the-mommie said...

good god!! although really unfortunate about your bruised shoulder, it is a miracle indeed that it was ONLY bruising! it really could have been anything - head, eyes, face broken bones. i shudder at the thought!

I know what you mean about frozen to the spot in shock. I had the same feeling once when i was a kid and the living room wooden pelmet that was about 12 ft long fell on my head.

Moonshine said...

fell on your head!!!!!!!!! You got stitches or what? My bruise is also quite ok now.. not much pain!! So everythings cool.. though i love the attention!!!:)