Sunday, July 18, 2010

Opus again.. after a long time

Its been ages since we went out drinking... we, meaning me and husband (yes, I do remember I posted about our binges a few weeks back.. that was with colleagues and not with A) . There was a phase when we had just come to blore.. when we discovered that pubbing together was fun.. and the two of us would set out.. go to Opus, HRC etc!!! And sing as loudly as possible along with the music!!

Yesterday after ages, we went out again.. to Opus. Not just the two of us.. but an odd assortment.. the two of us, my bro in law, my colleague K, his colleague S. Before leaving, I was wondering whether it would be fun.. It really really was an odd assortment.. and S was an unknown component.

And Opus whitefield, we had no idea about. This entire idea was floated by A. It was the kroak night finals. And he had been pestering us since friday that we should go there... us, being me and his brother. I had only wanted to watch movies back to back.. oh well!

Anyway after much dilly dally.. canceling and then re planning.. we finally decided to go. And collected all the jambourie.. and reached there at 8. Even after booking and reaching so early, we didnt have a table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was the first blow. And I was like.. god, this evening is going to be such a flop... add to that the unknown quantity had an angrezi accent. After much rolling eyes.. and hounding the Opus people.. we finally got a table.. which was inside, in the back somewhere!! The "flop evening" feeling trebled.

But then the music started... WOW!!!!!!! Never had so much fun. We stood for more than 3 hours i think! Cheering.. singing.. crowing (i mean crooning.. hahha), drinking.. more crowing.. as loudly as possible.. amongst some 10,000 people!! A of course could not drink much as he was driving.. but nothing stopped us!!! We were happy, you see!

We laughed.. sang ourselves hoarse.. K and me danced.. and all this while, many men, various kind of men.. gravitated towards K.. chatting her up! Instead of giving "THE STARE" or some caustic comment which cuts down people to size, which comes very naturally to her, she indulged in polite conversation.

Finally to rescue herself... she had to lunge towards the bar. And all this while, A did not help. According to A.. only chatting, right! All in good fun.

Hmmm.. maybe I should have disclosed K is married. But then again... it wouldnt have been fun then!!!!! At least for us onlookers!!!! lol

In the middle of all this suddenly.. there came a young man on stage and started singing hindi music.. joy knew no bounds.. we danced and we danced..I loved every minute. Unfortunately there was no encore.. According to A, that could have been used as a tactic to put men off.. tell them how you love hindi music.. and actually listen to only punjabi songs.. and that you thought Opus only played those!! (Last bit was my addition) :)

Much like kids who play truant .. we finally trooped in at 3.30am in the morning.. Its been a long long long..long time since we did that!!!!!

Moral of the story : an odd motley group of people sets the evening up for fun
Of course, the environment helps. Opus is a great place. Unlike many other places where you feel aged, totally out of place.. with some teeny weenies dancing to random trance music... you feel at home at Opus.. with people your age.. regular working class population.. who have come out to enjoy good music. You would not find many teenagers there.. thank god for small mercies!!!! Thats actually what draws me to Opus!!!!

With that.. I look forward to my sunday.. back to back movies : Inception and Tere Bin Laden.

ps : what also came out of this night out.. an all girls trip to goa (or somewhere).. any takers? Note: it is only for girls. Sometime in Sept or Oct? Anyone game?


arvind said...

double envy!

imagining abt the stay of gals in a hotel at Goa..

lot of giggles..
lot of laughs..
lot of yes..
lot of joy..


Scarlett said...

Telling unwanted men you love Hindi music & listen to Punjabi songs only is a brilliant idea! It's a surefire way of turning them off. A is such a genius! :)

BTW, I'm already in on the Goa plan.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett A must have experienced it himself!!! HAhahahahaha...

Yipeeee... goa!!!! Should we collect some more people? Or how is it?

K said...
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Scarlett said...

Yes, let's try & collect some more people. 4-5 people would be ideal!

Moonshine said...

@K drop in a comemnt again!!!!!!!!! :)

@Scarlett Yes we can try.. Put it up on FB perhaps?

sabkush said...

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