Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fish curry, Salt and Girlie shopping...

First things first..
I just made Fish curry.. my first attempt.. turned out to be good!!! As usual referred to a recipe book.. made some additions.. and voila.

People who know their fish will probably think I massacred it.. but here goes..
1) I picked up (heres when they would want to kill me) Frozen fish.. I just cannot buy fish.. the smell and the sounds frighten me, disgust me to the core. So I bought frozen seer fish.. why seer.. well, thats what I got.. any fish I guess would do.. actually I have no clue.. I just picked up whatever was available.
2) I marinated it with turmeric and salt.
3) In the meanwhile, ground dessicated coconut (i think about 3 tbspns), red chilly powder (1 tspn), coriander powder (3/4th tspn) and some cumin and tamarind paste (recipe had suggested raw mango but I didnt have any).. and roast this in oil
3) Add the fish and some water.. salt as per taste..
4) One is supposed to fry shallot and curry leaves.. I thought i didnt have shallots so i fried onions and curry leaves.. and add to fish..
5) And then suddenly I found shallots and fried them as well along with slit green chillies and added it to the fish.
Thats it. Allepy Fish Curry (or whatever) ... A was extremely happy!! I am too :) . Actually we bought this mud / earthern pot which is used expressly to make fish in Kerala.. we bought this a few weeks ago.. and since then I have been jumping up and down wanting to make fish!!! Tasty fish with hot rice... yummmmmm

Watched Salt yesterday.. bundle movie totally. Waste of money..I take back my words.. I cant call any movie..waste of money (how can I)...
They couldnt even create the suspense.. is angelina jolie with Russians.. is she with CIA or double crossing.. guess which side she would be on .. how can it be anything other than... well!! Hopeless. Silly movie.. probably made only keeping Angelina enthusiasts in mind.
Went shopping with a girl friend on Friday... ostensibly to buy me a top / dress for our next opus jaunt. I lost count of how many things I was made to try..grrrrrrrrrrrr.. well, i did take revenge a while later .. rofl.

I hate shopping.. well usually... but this was fun.. I tried out all types of weird / pretty stuff!!! Someone who accompanies you, picks up stuff.. make you try and actually tells you that something suits you / makes you look strange etc.. It was fun. A sub to end the day... perfect!!! :)

Oh yeah.. and I bought a total of ........ 1 top!!! The hunt for a la di dah top continues!!!


mêlée said...

looks like you are really enjoying the experimental cooking thing :)
i havent watched any movie since the day my classes started :( life is so unfair to some! well at times.

Moonshine said...

lol!!! Not a project yet though!! :) Just making random stuff.. am very moody.. this weekend was in the mood to cook :)

Weekends, rather sunday should be free? Watch Inception for sure!!!

You must be having so much fun in the campus!!! All the girlie fun, partying right there in the campus!!!

Scarlett said...

I'm petrified of eating fish b/c of the bones!!

BTW, 'Salt' was originally written for Tom Cruise. Then he backed out & they modified the character for Angelina Jolie.

arvind said...

fish curry - in mud pot?
mouth watering..
fried fish too - a fav..

salt? tasteless salt?

top.. hmmm.. no comment (lol)

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett This one mostly had the big bone.. and rest all flesh and thus easy to eat.. Pomfret should be a good bet for you? I think!

Am sure he would also not have been able to do justice to the role.. there was no story only!!!!

the-mommie said...

how did i miss this post!

I totally second u on the buying fish bit! the only fresh fish I've started buying now is salmon 'coz they sell it as fillets even though the skin is still on - i just grill it with the skin so it saves me the hassle of cleaning it etc. but ur curry sounds really interesting. if i can find out what fish type i shld get here to make it, i will totally try it! :)
shopping with girl friends/cousins/same age women in the family is WAAYY too much fun! infact, offlate i've learnt to pick up interesting stuff 'boz i was forced to try stuff i wld never have otherwise tried!
i have soo many movies to catch up on! :( n i refuce to download anything anymore n ruin the movie watching experience! i shall just wait for the babysitter to come back frm her vacation before i go for a movie next! desperately want to watch inception! :(