Monday, July 19, 2010

Inception & Tere Bin Laden : Back to back

Well almost.

Inception was a brilliant movie. Someone told me its like Matrix.. I was a bit disappointed as i was really looking forward to it. And Matrix is one movie i never enjoyed.. my non comprehension had a big role to play in it think. The machines and the things attached to the head and the million humans in goo was all gross to my mind ..

So when I went for Inception... I had decided I will focus on the movie so that I can comprehend it at least.. to decide if I like it or not. And focus I did... I understood it. :) My big achievement of the day. In fact, I saw updates on FB (other colleagues at work reporting the same) stating people hadnt understood it.. so i immediately felt happier :))

So anyway.. as i pass lightly over this feat (couldnt resist that).. It was a brilliant movie.. A MUST MUST MUST watch for everyone. So this movie is about dreams and reality.. can leave one utterly confused if one doesnt keep track of it!!! And you are in this maze of dreams and reality.. reality and dreams.. dreams .. more dreams.. reality dreams, dreams.... till you you dont know where exactly you are.. and you begin to question everything else you have watched.. was it...? Or was it...?

Well, I dont want to make this into a I will leave it at that!!

A question... did the totem spin even earlier through the movie? I cant seem to remember. :)

Rating 4.5 /5 for sure. Leonardo does it again!!! How can a movie with Leo in it not be good. Impossible, I say. The other characters were great as well.. I dont know who they are .. Arthur .. so was Eames.. Saito.. Yusuf..Ariadne.. All of them.
After an hour's break, we went into the theatre again.. this time for Tere Bin Laden.. I thought it would be a laugh riot.. dont get me wrong.. it was funny.. but somewhere whatever trailers I saw I felt it would be a laugh a minute comedy.. a la Khosla ka Ghosla.. But it was not..

But the way some people were laughing.. literally rolling about in the aisles.. i didnt think it was that hilarious

It is a good movie actually... a satire.. the desperate attempt to reach America somehow.. and a farzi video of Bin Laden lookalike to get there... lots of running around in the jungle and running circles around everyone.. with the americans trying bomb the lookalike.... makes for good timepass..

Some laughs were zabardasti ka.. Quite a decent effort though.. a different type of a movie!! Worth a one time watch for sure.

Of course the back to back experience is fun.. one movie ends and you dont need to feel sad as you have one more to look forward to :)

Next week : Salt and Udaan


Scarlett said...

Yes, please gloat, will you? :)

BTW, why did Mal hide the totem in the safe? And why did they keep harping about a safe throughout the movie?

You probably didn't enjoy 'Tere Bin Laden' b/c you saw it on the same day as 'Inception'. They belong to different genres & 'Inception' is such a cerebral movie, it leaves you overwhelmed. You probably won't enjoy a Bollywood comedy immediately after that :)

Gobri said...

The totem spins once before... when he meets with Saito in the 'limbo' land. All other times he is shown catching it after spinning it or the totem falling. But then does it really matter? Because it is after all Mal's totem and not his.

@Scarlett - Mal hides the totem to stay back in limbo as she does not care. it has been years in limbo and many more to come for all they know. Here is where Leo performs Inception on Mal to get her back to reality... but the idea is so well seeded, that even in reality (or a previous level dream) she believes it is still a dream.
They keep harping about the safe... which has the Fischer Sr.'s will. That is what they have to get to to start with the Inception on Fischer Jr.

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett Gloating!!! hahahaha...
Gobri answered your question.. so there :))

On TBL you are probbaly right..actually i did enjoy it..... except for the forced laughs.. a very cool satire actually! The people around in the theatre make a big difference!!! I think i will like it if i just watch it at home.

@Gobri Thanks :)I couldnt remember if he caught when it was falling!! I think i need to watch it once more!!

Brones said...

My personal view on the end of teh film and the totem debate is that it doesn't matter if it fell or kept spinning, the final scene is the only time where he doesn't wait to see if it falls. He see's his children and leaves the totem, to me this means that he just wants to be back home, in whichever 'reality'

That's my thoughts on it anyway, I'll probably be writing a review for it sometime next week after I've been to see it again

Moonshine said...

@Brones Thanks for dropping in. Makes sense!! The fact that he wants to stay with kids whatever be the reality.. which sets me thinking - is saito the person who is creating that dream? He does promise to send him home!! Or maybe... hmmm

We are also planning to watch it again!!!! :)