Monday, July 26, 2010

Hopeful 31st year..umm... ahhh...

There was a recent report in the papers which said that at 31, women are the most beautiful.

I am 31.

The question is .....................does this mean I will start deteriorating now? Ho Hum...

As an aside.. a kind soul gave me a lift in the rick today.. but it was an extremely strange encounter.. we had a common friend.. and the person immediately said.. I am her hubby's best friend.. and she is also my best friend.. then blah blah blah blah.. Till we reached the drop point.. I came to know her current role.. new expected role.. etc

How should one react at a direct question about the cost of the house .. that too from a total stranger!!!!

It takes all kind of people to make up the world.

But anyway, a sweet person who at least gave me a lift in the rick.. maybe I was looking forlorn.. standing and waiting.. whatever the case maybe, at least she had the decency to ask..

Had the boot been on the other foot.. I doubt if I would have done the same.

Then again, it takes all sort of people to make up the world. :)


arvind said...

31st is the age - which meant "no turning back" just enjoy..

they may have the intention to invest and to find the affordability they might ask..

have a pleasant day..

the-mommie said...

lol! so did u tell her? i don't think i wld have frankly, not to a total stranger. if it were someone i'd known somewhat, i'd still probably be only partially okay. wot a cynical, paranoid outlook one has these days!

btw dude, wotever age ur at.... THAT's the age to celebrate! :D note, how this becomes a life-sutra as one grows even older! heheh!

Scarlett said...

I don't like strangers asking me personal questions either. But I'd find a ride with a stranger even weirder :)

I just decline the offer in such situations unless of course I know I'm going to be stranded at that place for the rest of my life if I don't accept it :)

Moonshine said...

@Mommie i kind of parried that question!! But i was really stumped.. i was staring at her open mouthed!!! Yes, i totally agree with your age theory, you at your beautiful best :))

@Scarlett Here because of auto problems, you are actually grateful if people offer you a drop in their auto... if its a woman i dont really mind. For some of us who stay close...we actually tie up and go to work together.. even if a person has to turn around and pick a person up.. thats the extent of rick issues one has to face!!!
That is better than hanging around for 20 mins!!! I hate people asking personal questions or passing personal comments!!!!!

The Honey Bee said...

I am turning 31 next week. I feel much better knowing it will be my most beautiful year.:)