Saturday, August 9, 2008

Trip to Vasai

Went to Vasai today with my friends from work... yes Vasai... its so far that its as good as going to Lonavala or something.. it gives the feeling of long distance travel.. maybe thats because it is long distance!! :-)

Some of us met at the dadar station.. we had been assured that the trains will not be crowded (thats teh only reason why i conceded).. "how can it be? Its saturday early morning .. cant be crowded... and while coming back we are traveling in the opposite direction, so cant be crowded again" Both sides we found it crowded... with the feedback given, we were planning travel in the gent's compartment!!! But couldnt get in.. somebody even scratched me!!!!!!!!!

But anyway, we were to go to the West Palm Beach Resort which is in Vasai E incidentally!! If you visit the website, there are beautiful pics.. of golden sunsets, palm trees and the sea.. when we went there.. the only thing that matched the pic were the palm trees (of course the golden sunset cannot happen as we were there during the day).... but i am sure you get the drift.. The place was TERRIBLE...
1) The place itself was dirty... my frds who went to loo.. gave a full description.. but i dont care to repeat it.. the entire thing at least.. he said there was a moment when a frd of our was washing his face at the basin, and just next to the basin, a guy was happily singing and peeing into the pot!!!!!!!! And of course it was all dirty.
With great difficulty we found 2-3 chairs where we could sit.. which we were not dirty.. the rest were covered with birdshit.
For breakfast they served idlis that were as hard as a rock!!!
2) At 10 in the morning, there were lots of ppl there.. I mean what were they doing there so early?????? And most men, actually all (men + women) except us, were in the pool... looking gross.. all men with their huge, round pot bellies in swimming trunks.. in all their naked glory.. yech!!!! What is it with Indian men and pools!!!! And there were ppl dancing.. they were all wet (obviously from the poool).. skimpily dressed women (in tank tops with bulging stomach) and equally skimpily dressed men... we felt that we had landed from MARS!!

So after much deliberation, we took our money back and left.. this place is quite inside Vasai.. no rick too.. there were some farmers there.. we asked them about the beach.. one of them suggested Rangaon.. but said there is nothing there except the beach...

So we all walked... took a rick... and reached this place.. which was beautiful.. it was isolated.. nobody there at the place... not a single soul except for us i.e.... imagine.. there was not much by way of beach... it was all damp..there was sea... and oodles of greenery too...if you have been to juhu beach.. then this was like paradise!!!! Played a lot of games there.. did TP!!

One of our frds joined late.. so got him to bring sandwiches and other stuff.. had lunch there amidst running bhains/ cows and dogs.. but worth every min, sec we spent there!!!!!!! Took a couple of videos .. will try to post them on the site.. they are hilarious (videos of some games we played).... :-)

So all in all, 5 stars for the trip... to this small village called Rangaon.. thank god we decided to move out of the resort.. else we would never have been to this place.. and the best places always get discovered by accident!!! Maybe if i ever visit Vasai again.. will find that the place has become commercial...

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