Monday, July 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

Well.... had typed in alot... but lost the entire damn thing.. will try to write it all over again!!! :(

I loved it... the movie was brilliant!! Batman is not my type of a movie... so i was not expecting too much... i went coz i love going to watch a movie in the theatre!!! But it was great!! The more i think about it the more i love it!!

Such an unconventional "super hero " movie... not a usual good guy vs bad guy movie... where the good guy bashes everyone up!! This one was different.. the "super hero" had his own weaknesses... not that strong after all!! Was more a real life hero ... like anyone of us in everyday life.. assailed with doubts and all.... And Christian Bale in this role was tremendous. I must admit, i never paid any attention to him before this movie... have seen other movies of his.. batman begins and prestige.. this one was way better!!!!! He is pretty much up there.. with all the other batman's in the world.. if not better i.e.

And of course, Joker was quite spectacular... his walk, the talk.. the lip smacking.. everything about him was as villainous as it gets.. and i am sure his actual acts of villany was less than other villans.. but just the thought .. just the way he talks.. induces a feeling that he would committ great heinous acts!!! And also a feeling of fear.. when he appears on screen. Heath Ledger was fabulous!

When the the joker gets captured in the movie (goes to jail).. i was like.. such a short movie.. good guy has won.. and no interval too (like in Hancock).... and suddenly as i was thinking this, "interval" flashed on the screen.. and i was like.. now what more are they to show!!!!! When the movie ended i was left wanting for more!!!!

Was a fundu movie.. worth every penny!!! A definite must see!!!


Scarlett said...

Heath Ledger already has an Oscar nomination for his role as 'the Joker'. I think it will be one of the all-time memorable performances in cinema. I just wish he was around to collect his Oscar. I really liked him.

Moonshine said...

Does he? I thought he was going to get nominated....

Scarlett said...

As in...he will be officially nominated closer to the Oscar ceremony but I think they've already chosen him as one of the nominees.