Thursday, July 10, 2008

Reverse Snobbery

Is it reverse snob or snobbery? Whatever... I have been meaning to write about this for quite a while.. but havent.. so today after racking my brains about what to write.. i finally settled on reverse snobbery (sounds like market snodsbury... a place in PG Wodehouse books!!! lol)..

Anyway, so i am a reverse snob.. or used to be... or maybe still am... What is reverse snobbery.. it is being a snob in reverse (hahaha..)... like not bothering about men / guys and thinking thats definitely cool... actually i genuinely believed that.. not from the "cool / uncool" perspective but i used to be in my own world.. in our college fests (the only day when guys could actually enter our college), me and my friends used to be the only set of girls who would look like they used to look everyday!!! There would be ppl chattering about boys all the time.. definitely not one of them!!!

There was a time when watching TV was definitely not in.. i think that continues still.. so i usually (not deliberate) admit to watching junk on tv .. so many ppl claim that they dont watch TV (am sure thats not true)...

I talked bout reading in my last post.. that is another example..

Used to love Govinda movies... and ppl look down on me!!! Like... helloooooo.... I love Hindi movies!!!! So what? I love the song dance routine... love everything about them.. If i watch 2 english movies, then i definitely feel the need to watch one hindi movie!!!!

Basically just being yourself.. is reverse snobbery.. nothing to be ashamed of type.. not putting on pretences ... just being who you are ... who cares!!!

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