Monday, July 14, 2008

My farewell?

I have been cribbing about this.. not cribbing.. but what should i say.. feeling deflated lately...

I am shifting base to Banaglore.. soon.. And i was thinking.. what impact have i made here in Bombay, in terms of work i.e. .... in fact i was quite happy with everything that i have done here.. i enjoyed working here.. it was fun.. and i think or thought i have done great work...

But then i was talking to a colleague of mine.. who are the clients who will remember me.. one client that i serviced has retired.. so all the goodbyes, miss yous are already over... another client who actually liked me.. he was more flustered about what will happen to the study.. what a let down!!!! And i can think of only one more client who might just about ask a question about me if he doesnt see me.. but thats bout it.

Then i thought, oh well, my ppl will miss me.. my 2 very good friends at work have already left :-( .... my boss shifted to delhi.. my ex boss's role has changed.. there is one more person who may move out next month :-( ... my team is down to 4-5 ppl.. mostly new!!! So no one.. no clients.. team may not miss me that much.... that was so sad... thats why i was so deflated!!!!!!!!!!! My team is also almost dissolved.. that itself is sad!!!! Ah well...

And its so strange.. i thought i will post this today.. and i saw another post by an old frd of mine..... as if she could read my mind.. some kind of telepathy (kismet konnection??? )...:-)... where she has written about all that we used to do... such a feel good!!!!! Thanks madam... really love you for that!!! How did you even know?????????? I guess this is what girl to girl connect is about.

Went to CCD at Dadar today.. and was thinking about the powai CCD and the chocolate doughnut!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) Yummmmmmiiiiiieeeeeee .. not just the food.... we had a rollicking time didnt we!!! So let of great memories at work.. celebrating diwali (which was all bout dressing up).... walks after lunch.... tea time break (we had a tea manager too.. who would order tea for all of us everyday at 3 without fail).... weird ppts, weird clients as well :-) ..... crisis management (esp the one that happened when we were about to leave at 8 and were called back) .. partying at singapore (oh that was fun.. we had bought stilettos to wear for the party.. but held the sandals in our hands most of the time).. and the farewell party of my colleague (maybe i will post the video, sorry audio file on my blog!!!!! ).... yeah.. lot of memories... smiling as i think of it right now..... its ok i guess.. things change.. keep changing.. universal truth!!!!


Psyched said...



Scarlett said...

Gee...I wonder why that stupid girl couldn't find a better person/topic to write about!! Lol :)
You went to the Dadar CCD & you didn't think of the countless times you have dropped me at that turning??!!
And about those stilletoes in Singapore, remember how mine kept getting stuck in the deck near the swimming pool? And the waiter trying to pull it out for me? Lol :)
And how could you forget our great wardrobe malfunction!! Rotfl!!
And you better NOT post the farewell audio on your blog!! :))

Moonshine said...

Shifting to Bangalore.. same company!

Showed the other ppl where you used to live!!! :-)

Rem the fight in Singapore b/w the others!!!!! And the first day when we were hungry for hours and hours!!!!

I am reminded of it everytime i look at singapore photographs!!! :-)

Farewell was the best party though!!! esp the hema malini part ...rofl

Scarlett said...

Hahaha! Hema Malini? I don't know what ur talkin' about! ;)

Which reminds me, u still havent uploaded the Singapore pics on the web!!

Moonshine said...

Yeah!! I still need to do that!!! This weekend.. pucca