Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A 5 minute meditation

Blogging is addictive!!!!! Must thank Scarlett for that!!! For getting me hooked on i.e.!
So i have been thinking what should i write about today (over the last 2 days) - actually the way it happens is.. something happens to you or you are witness to something and you decide you must put it on your blog!!

So coming back to the topic.. i get influenced / inspired very quickly.. inspired to take up some or the other activity.. a few months back, i was quite stressed out at work.. to the extent that my husband also told me off one day.. so i thought i need to de-stress or control my temper.. i decided to meditate.. i was discussing the benefits of meditation.. and obviously everyone agreed that it will work wonders. So one fine day after i came back from work.. i sat in my room.. switched off radio etc etc and closed my eyes to meditate.. i decided since it is my first time, i will only meditate for 5 mins upping the time everytime. I sat... set the alarm for 5 mins.. closed my eyes... and waited.. tried to free my mind of thoughts (which is tough and ppl have said that its difficult)... so thought will let my mind take whatever direction it takes...

Sat for 5 mins.. opened my eyes.. and checked time.. only a min had passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shut my eyes again.. checked time again within a min again .. thought to myself .. good lord only a min has passed... and started thinking when will the alarm ring... started trying to concentrate to get it to ring!!!! All in all checked time at least 3-4 times before the alarm finally rang... phew!!!!! And that was the end of meditation.

I have a habit of starting something new but get bored very quickly... like bought some sketchbook to draw (this was before TZP, BTW!!!).... drew only once (I have a drawing instruction book too!!!) !!! Enquired about swimming classes, never went.. did yoga at home everyday for a month (was surprisingly able to sustain for that long).. walked at shivaji park for 10 days (bought running shoes, track pants specifically for that) .... and now have bought a book to learn malayalam.. i mean i can converse in malayalam but not read and write.. so picked up a book to learn.. lets see if i am able follow it through!!!!!!


Scarlett said...

U're most welcome :)

I always tell you that you're a workaholic, obsessed with your work. Once you leave office, you should just disconnect from work. You can deal with the issues when you go back to work the next day.

I've tried meditating too, it's bloody difficult. So I tried doing Pranayam...couldn't sustain it for long due to lack of motivation but it's easier than meditating & very relaxing. Try it.

the-mommie said...

ok, so if just anybody could free their mind of thought, everybody would be gautam buddha wouldn't they? :)

I know what you mean about short attention spans. I'm terribly lazy though, so I only think about starting out on new things! and then get bored by that! heheh!

Moonshine said...

At least you try... most of the times my list of activities get killed in the info collection stage itself!!!! You should check my diary... has a long long list of what all i should do!!!!

Moonshine said...

Hey, BTW not that bad these days wrt workaholicism!!! I think i have improved :-)

I tried pranayam too!!!!