Monday, July 28, 2008

Hindi News Channels .. downright ridiculous

I just had to put this on my blog. Yesterday while channel surfing, i came upon Aaj Tak. They were talking about the terrorist attacks. The way they sensationalise things is to be watched.... there was one line written in red... covering almost half screen.. swinging wildly from one end to the other ... about some connected incident!!!!! It was ridiculous. The news i admit was newsworthy!!! But it was downright macabre... their view of such a serious situation... such a grave situation.. was to literally announce it in the most dramatic way possible (like a movie or something)... it seemed like a serial!!!!!

Another one i caught yesterday - this one should get an award- India TV, another hindi news channel. They were discussing cricket.. about how we lost to Sri Lanka. The headline was "Besharmi ki raat" or something like that (had the word besharmi in it ... sounds like B grade movie!!!). They showed a clip of Kumble giving the post match interview.. one comment by Kumble.. and scene would cut to the movie KARMA where Dilip Kumar goes and slaps Dr Dang in the jail!!!! Cut to.. the next comment by Kumble.. cut to... a slap (only audio this time).... next comment by Kumble.. another slap.. this happened some 10 times.. thats the number of statements probably Kumble made... it was atrocious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (instead of slap i should say tamacha.. sounds much more dramatic, as these channels do!!!!!)

They have given a new meaning to breaking news... to news per se... Do people really watch it? Such stuff? Its so idiotic most of the times. One of my friends shared with me that they have been focussing on UFO/Alien story for 2 days!!!

Its so strange.... maybe thats why people watch it.... "ab dekhiye... something something ka khulasa"......... Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What world are we living in???

But strange, English news channels stick to news usually! I wonder why... got to do with the profile of people watching it? Who watches these Hindi news channels? What kind of people and why?

It is downright idiotic ( i know i have said this before.. but i just cant get over the slap business)


Scarlett said...

Actually, more than 'besharmi', it's 'raat' that makes it sound more like a B-grade movie...and together, they make it sound even worse....YUCK!!! will be surprised to know how many people watch the Hindi news channels. Only people in metros watch English channels, the rest of India watches the Hindi channels. That's how they thrive! It's RI-GODDAMN-DICULOUS!!!

PS: The 'slap' incident was really funny. What's the connection between Kumble, cricket & Dilip Kumar slapping Dr Dang in Karma??????????

Moonshine said...

Signifies a thappad to Kumble i guess.. (the infamous dialogue.. is thapadd ki gunj suni tumne? Is thappad ki gunj ki gunj ab tunhe sunayi degi".. lol)