Saturday, July 12, 2008

My significant other

Have been debating with myself.. since the last 2 hrs o so.. should i write about this.. not write... so finally i have decided to write... while the debate is still on.. may not post it too.. lets see!!!

Well, my significant other is not in town... And i have been missing him like crazy! We have been together for 2 yrs now! When he is here things are fine... i anyway do not get to meet him during the week.. he starts his work in the afternoon (when i am at work).. and gets back home late in the night when i am asleep.. so we end meeting talking properly during the weekends only..
So one might think.. what difference does it make even if he is not in town during the week.. anyway we dont get to meet.. Which is true.. but really strange.. every evening i come back to an empty house.. and i am ok with it.. now i am used to it.. but when he is not there the feeling of being alone is heightened for some reason!!!
When he is there in town..i think.. at least he is town.. there is always a chance of meeting up during the week in the evenings (which doesnt happen!!!).. but i get comforted by that!!

This week, actually since yesterday have not been keeping too well.... and whenever i am not well, i start missing my mom a lot!! More than the illness, she pampers me silly.. which she is doing even now.. calling me up and giving me all the instructions over the phone!!! This time round I am missing him too... its terrible... i guess when one is not well, all you want is some pampering!!!!!!! I like calling him up and complaining!!! To which he replied.. well i am back tomorrow, so you will be fine!!! :-)
And believe me I am... eagerly awaiting his return... (not back yet) start saying i am really unwell.. and to get pampered.. and comforted!!!!! :-)

A soppy post this!!! Pls excuse me!!!!! :( I am not well......... lol!!

And obviously, have won the war (read debate) with myself.. posting it.. heart on the sleeve et all.... :-)


Scarlett said...

are you well now? :)

Moonshine said...

Yeah obviously!!! :-)... alive and kicking since... 4.00pm saturday to be precise ;)

Meenakshy said... to read your blog everyone of them...and liked this one the best...great going...finally u fnd some activity to keep u occupied...:)

Moonshine said...

lol!!! are you getting ideas?