Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What are you reading currently?

I was replying to my friend's post.. and decided about what to write about.....

Reading is the topic for the day... Now, i am a voracious reader!! Hang on.. before you make any further judgements i will tell you what i read... I read a lot of fiction and some non fiction.. then there are phases.. at times i read travelogues.. only travelogues and nothing else.. etc

Many people get amused when they ask me what do i read.. or what am i reading currently.. coz when i say i am reading "Famous Five" (pls note i am 29 yrs old).. they look at me.. at times with sympathy, at times with admiration at having admitted such a thing to ppl and at times with a look which says.. gawddddddddddd how can a person be like this!!!

I used to work in an educational institute sometime back.. so we used to conduct mock interviews for students (for MBA) to help them out.. Every student used to say that their favourite book is paulo cohelo.. i mean how can it be true for every person.... i guess he was the flavour of the season.. the name to throw to impress ppl.. and this trend continues not only at interviews.. even otherwise at all occasions.. a way to prove.. look i am doing something worthwhile... or maybe i feel it, interpret it that way!!!!

One of the first times when i went out with my husband.. he asked what do i read.. i didnt answer at first.. he was telling me about all the books he reads... all high funda books (he does actually read those!!!)... and i was like.. oh god what name should i throw at him.. which shows class!!! :-).. well, but i didnt lie.. did tell him about what i read... dont know what he thought!!!

So when i say i am a voracious reader i do actually mean that... i like reading, i read everyday (well, something or the other), cant think of doing anything better than spend my time reading or going to a bookstore and buying lots of stuff.. (i get kicks of it.. instant upliftment of mood).. And i have to read everynight before sleeping.... so at our place.. we do not have much stuff.. except for books.. a whole lot of them!!!! Cant live without them!!!!!


Scarlett said...

There are more books than furniture in your house, I can vouch for that!! :)
And now you're also in the habit of blogging everyday...something or the other ;)

Moonshine said...

I know.. its so addictive!!! Cant help but blog!!! Lets see how long i can sustain it!!!!

Vidya said...

you definitely do read everyday..i remember roomie!

Moonshine said...

Yeah!!! I do.. i still do.. cant sleep if i dont read!!! :-)