Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Harry Potter

So i feel like continuing with the same theme... I am lazy.. there's that.. but there's so much to say about Harry Potter as well... getting attracted like a magnet, warming up to the theme!!!!

Like i replied on the last post, Harry Potter may have been originally for children... but if you look at the latter set of books (4 onwards).. they become darker.. goblet of fire still had some fun elements.. kiddie element.. except for the last scene... Order of phoenix more complex .. not so much fun and games... same with Half bool prince (in fact absolutely no fun & games).. and deathly hallows... the darkest ever (sets you thinking did HP even have fun and games in it???????)..... children grown up, pretty much!!!

I love the books.. i have till now liked all the movies as well. Order of the phoenix was made really really well.... it seems that they have understood what each of the characters are about!!!!

My favourite character is (besides HP), Ron.. wait i also like Hermonie.. and Fred (why did they kill him.. ) and George... and Neville (the way is his character shapes is a delight to read)... and Dumbledore of course.. even Snape... and Voldermort... ok, there many characters i like.. so well etched..

Once i was wondering how did JK Rowling think of such complicated stories.. in 7 parts.. apparently she had written the broad outline of each earlier only.... I think! The 6th and 7th book connects the entire story together!!!!! All the loopholes are closed... Really sad that there is no more Harry Potter to read :(

So i wait ... watch other movies... read other books from the kid section... hoping (in vain?) that something can be as promising as Harry Potter!!


Scarlett said...

Add my third blog to your bloglist too! It's called ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!! :p

Moonshine said...

lol... will do!!!!