Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where is my hindi music? .. the first disappointment

I dont know why i call this post "the first disappointment"... maybe i am expecting more..

We got our car in it was delivered yesterday.. now, the thing is i love listening to music.. when driving.. hindi music as well as english.. as i can sing along / hum along!! Now here comes the googly.. in this city, they play a lot of kannada songs and only some (very very few) hindi songs.. like once in an hour.. on all the FM channels that too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, why???? This is terrible... i love going on drives .. a music is a must!! Today we were driving.. it took us about 45 mins to reach that place.. and all the while and on all the channels kannada songs were playing.. i have nothing against them.. but i am craving to listen to familiar, popular music... so anyway, just as we were about to park.. the aditi song from Jaane tu started obviously couldnt hear it in full (happened twice and the same song too!!!)... now that i understood this after the first one hour of driving and changing channels every second in the hope of hearing some hindi songs.. i refused to make any calls / receive any calls or do any task when any hindi song was playing.. no matter which.. even the Himesh Reshammaiya song "afsana bana ke bhool na jaana"!!!!!

Oh boy, i miss it so much.. even though would have been in the car for about 2-3 hrs in all over the weekend!!
I know you all will be like.. when will you get so much time.. how does it matter.. you can hear it on tv music channels etc... BUT IT IS NOT THE SAME!!!! I love listening to popular hindi/english music when driving.. i feel incomplete without it (really!!!)... i cant imagine driving without music.. even if it is for 5 mins.. i remember once in delhi my music thing was not working.. i sang and talked to myself for an hour throughout the drive (I was alone). Hindi film music is an integral part of my life.. when i read in the night before going to sleep, i put on music.... and go off to sleep with the music on... and my husband switches it off when he gets back home!!!

This is terrible... and definitely not something i had even remotely thought about!!!! What else to do... listening to CDs is not as much fun.. coz you already know whats coming next! Just enquired about World space...:(

There is a song by Trisha Yearwood.. "How do i get thru my life without you.. if i ever live without you, what kind of a life would that be"... so apt!!!

And that too a long drive to kerala coming up soon.. ipod is the only way out!!


Scarlett said...

I totally agree with you. Music is absolutely essential...when driving, getting dressed for work etc. And it must be Hindi Bollywood music or English music. And it must be on radio. Radios are funner (I like that word even if it's not a word :) than CD/laptop/iPod...coz of the unpredictability of the songs & you also get to hear all the crap that RJs talk. My Motorola doesn't have a radio so I try to take a cab that has radio....and here too, they play A LOT of bong songs. Even on channels like Radio Mirchi & Fever. It's so annoying & I can totally understand what you're trying to say!!!

Lakshmy said...

was waiting for a blog abt the kerala trip:) disappointed!!...seems to be a bad day for me...any site/blog i look into theresnt anything new happening!!

Meenakshy said...

Hahahaha...the bangalore blues huh??Some kannada liberation movement is happening in bangalore...earlier they used to play hindi songs all the time and kannada in between..looks liek its the other way now...CHILL...get a bigger ipod...;)

The knife said...

no posts? I am off to Turkey next week

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett - cant live without music!!!! And radio is definitely funner!!! :)

@Lakshmy - now that i hqve net connection, will start putting in posts... maybe will put in a post on the kerala trip!!!

@meenakshy - i found a channel... read my new post.. in fact there are 2 channels - 94.3 which plays hindi and 91.9 which plays english!!!

@Knife - I am back!!! And envious!!!