Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quantam of solace

I know most of you have already seen it!!! But still!!!

An action packed movie.. people dropping dead left right and center... lots of blood and gore...

Story.. what did you say... did i hear story.. weeeeeeell, there is a story of course.. weaving in and out of the movie.. lol.. boy, i am mean!!! He is p***sed off at his GF being killed.. tries to avenge her death.. and also trying to do other stuff alongside.. what with people attacking M (right in the 1st scene too).. one bond girl being made drink oil to death (and also embalmed in black oil).. car chases.. boat chases.. etc etc there is always something or the other happening in the film. Who cares about the story anyway.. high end action is what one can look forward too.. So i didnt mind it as in not a bad movie if you enjoy action or if you enjoy watching Daniel Craig..
"muscles rippling throughout the movie" hot hot bond!!! Mine is the latter BTW. :)

Sublety and finnesse (is it n, ss or nn ,s) is no longer Bond's middle name.. its all about the sheer physicality of it.. completely in your face kind of a thing!!!

The 2 bond girls.. one of them is hardly there (miss fields .. the oil one ).. you blink and you miss her!!! The other one .. Olga something.. is quite beautiful.. she is good!!!! So soemthign for the guys too besides the action!!!

In such kind of movies, time passes quickly.. and you will never feel bored (with adrenalin running high due to intense action).. and you would never say it isnt VFM..


Meenakshy said...

Even we watched it over the u said,thers never a dull inspired to watch Casion Royale now...:)

Scarlett said...

Was disappointed by this one. As in, I didn't not like it. But it was no great shakes. Was like an average action movie...which is so NOT was James Bond movies are about. Review to follow soon... :)

Moonshine said...

@Meenakshy Casino Royale 1st half is quite good.. have you seen the previous James Bond movies... the Pierce Brosnan ones? I like those better

@Scarlett - definitely not a typical bond movie!! It was ok.. my reaction too was "i didnt NOT like it" lol...and madam where have you disappreaed.. put in posts quick.. here i am feeling all lonely!! :)