Monday, November 10, 2008

Mondays... yawn...

I am utterly bored today.. following is an account of my day- and see if you agree...
1) Went for a client meeting.. meeting first thing in the morning.. and that too monday morning...uggghhh...
2) Meeting in some godforsaken place.. thankfully had car
3) Client - some superscilious (spelt right?) person.. come down to earth man!!! Went on addressing us as ladies.. gets on my nerves.. grrrrrr
4) Meeting only lasted about 30-40 mins... didnt discuss anythign earth shattering... WE COULD HAVE DONE IT OVER A CALL DUDE!!!!!!!!!
5) Lunch- fun.. general tp .. went on saying.. i am bored, i am bored to whoever cared to listen
6) and then went to the nearest gym.. more than joining gym i think it was more due to general restlessness.. dont know if i will join.. maybe i will join but will i sustain? Anyway i am not sold on gymming.. went to check out aerobics classes which they offer.. but whenever we enquired about it, they were like.. we only offer the premises... basically cant assure about quality... you cant use any facilty .. not only are you not allowed to change in the changing room (thats for gym ppl) are not even allowed to change in the loo!!!!!!!!!Now what kind of rule is that... which makes me feel...aerobics.. here.. maybe not!!!!
7) I am nominated for some stupid coordination work for some training!!! I hate coordination.. I am attending the training session arent i
8) Way back home went to collect a sari blouse which they didnt stitch properly.. the tailor shop is bang in front of our apartment.. so i came home, tried.. doesnt fit.. thought i will give a measurement (some other sari blouse) .. after trying on many to see which fits properly, finally didnt take it.. went back to the tailor.. who said get me another blouse for measurement.. I knew it!!!!!!!! I so totally knew it!!!!!!!!!! I trudged back home and got the stupid thing and gave it to her... thank god there is a lift!!
9) After doing all this, i realised that our cook is on leave today... grrrr... made pasta... put too much pasta.. now i have lots of pasta which i boiled.. will store it..
10) And now I got pins & needles!!!

I feel like the between friends cartoon........ sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....Will go to sleep early... maybe i am just getting old....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Scarlett said...

I am joining Talwalkar's too!! It's far from my house but the only decent gym around. The others are either really seedy (the Rs 250-350 per month types) or super-expensive (Rs 32000 a year types)!!!

BTW...what's pins & needles?

The knife said...

I hate Mondays. Specially since I very late on Sundays and wake up on Tuesdays.
@Scarlett: Talwarkar in calcutta? Not bad

Moonshine said...

@Scarlett pins and needles... "pair so jaana" ... :)
I ahvent joined yet though.. its all a part of the great plan!!!

@Knife.. Mondays are bad as it is.. even without all these happening!!!!